14 Hour Dream 
Jusbox (2016)

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14 Hour Dream is inspired by the Pink Floyd and music of the late Sixties.

The company says:

The social revolution gives way to a musical revolution. The end of the sixties is a time for experimenting: instruments, sounds, drugs, sex, travel. Music encounters technology. It’s love at first sight. The psychedelic underground rock is born, on a bed of LSD, throwing the doors of perception wide open. This multi-sensorial never-ending trip of the psychedelic generation, reaches its peak during The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream free speech benefit. Taking place on April 27th 1967 in London, this marathon of music, theatre, dance and poetry, gathers together 40 rock bands. The last one to perform as the sun rises over an ecstatic crowd is Pink Floyd. With rays of light bouncing off the mirrors on Syd Barrett’s guitar as it diffuses its legendary distorted solo, they close the festival in epic style. Not only does Pink Floyd invent a new sound, but their use of images and lighting revolutionizes music shows.

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