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There are 50 reviews of 1270 by Frapin.

Blah. 1270 is a big disappointment. Candied Oranges, Coca, Coffee, Grape, Plum, Spices? Nowhere to be found. There is a 30 second burst of pineapple followed by a synthetic wood accord that I can't abide. I've come to hate synthetic wood accords and this fragrance has a pronounced one. In my mind I was hoping for something Serge Lutenesque with this one, but it's far from that and is unfortunately a mediocre fragrance at best and an outright fail at worst. This is a fail for me personally but others might enjoy it more than I have. Two thumbs down.
Mar 20, 2021

For as interesting as the notes list of 1270 is, it doesn't impress me terribly. For the first hour 90% of what I get is pineapple, with a hint of cocoa. So, I'm reminded primarily of the slew of Aventus clones that have flooded the market. Then, after a little I start to get more cocoa and guiac wood, which adds a bit of depth but doesn't do enough for me to catch a ton of interest.

The performance is also just terrible. I think this is the worst projection out of any scent I've tried. I ended up using the entirety of my 1ml sample over the courses of a couple hours because it just would not come off my skin. Just sat there the whole time. An overall disappointment.
Jan 26, 2020

1270 reminds me of Christmas markets and holiday spirits: boozy mocha, heavily candied fruits much like on a traditional brandied fruitcake, so syrupy! Worn leather gloves holding spiced glugwine. Honey coated hazelnuts.

So very gourmand, but a grown-up gourmand, so much like a festive party. 1270 does not do well in hot sweaty weather though, best for when fall/winter and brisk air hits.
Jul 29, 2019

A fruity woody that could have been a contender, except for its somewhat hesitant character. After a delicious, juicy, pineapple dominated opening, 1270 settles into a pleasing mix of sweet fruity notes with a bit of warming ginger and a musked woods backdrop. Slight developments of interest are dusky cocoa shadings and hints of tobacco and leather – all kept unobtrusive, functioning as gentle support.
Still, there is a lacklustre quality about the proceedings and a default ambery setting which drags this into pretty generic territory when it could have been so much more.
Nov 20, 2017

1270 is a 'grown up' gourmand fragrance with a large array of notes. There is a brief orange note that leads to candied and lightly spiced prunes and grapes steeped in wine and rum. All of this is wrapped in a honeyed vanillic ambience with a hint of florals. The vanilla has an ambery hint, however the honey note is more prominent and together with dried fruits and warm spirits round off the composition.

While the basic structure is well conceived, 1270 falls short in execution as it comes across as not being enough well-engineered. Beyond the first couple of hours the individual notes become too dense and form a warm, fruity, honeyed ambery accord that is less exciting than what went on before, and this accord persists into the dry down. Additionally it is rather weak with low sillage and inadequate duration on skin.

Anyone looking for a 'grown up' warm gourmand fragrance would be suggested to try Arabie and Dior's Eau Noire (though the latter is rather rare these days).

May 11, 2017

Gourmand Muesli of the highest order. Its sweet but just a nudge away from too sweet. I've seen a few fragrances that go into this territory and end up too sweet or overly cheap chemical smelling. Its definitely unisex and would be perfect for a date or a formal night out. This is one of the best gourmands up there with Eau Duelle for me. Cozy, fall/Christmasy, and sexy. The bluesky grape in particular really makes the scent more than above average. What a nice touch.
May 3, 2017

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