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    • vine flowers, candied orange, hazelnuts, cocoa, coffee, leather, woods, white honey, vanilla, grape, plum, spices

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1270 has been a relationship of convenience for me that has worked out well. As someone who gravitates more towards “nighttime” scents and doesn’t like aquatics, “freshies”, “citruses”, gourmands etc, there isn’t much left in the daytime warm weather genre that really appeals to me. 1270 is a win because it avoids most of the notes and tropes I find unappealing or offensive in perfumery. Sometimes you don’t need a perfume to unfold an hours-long narrative. Instead, each stage of the life of this smell, unfolds in the moment - what others have remarked as it’s lack of structure. There’s truth in this critique, but 1270 succeeds because of this feat. It doesn’t last long on my skin but it’s pleasant, classy, not too cologney, and is moderate and discreet. I can confidently wear this at times when I don’t want to stand out for any particular reason (for example at work) but want to be presentable, pleasant, confident and well groomed enough. In a way it makes me feel more confident when in a sea of contemporary blockbusters that I note on others; the Baccarat Rouge 540s, the Aventuses, YSL LNDLH’s, all of which I also like, but would never wear, simply because I can already smell them everywhere. 1270 wears like that nondescript but well made, high quality t shirt, staying long enough to make a positive impression and not overstaying it’s welcome so long that it becomes offensive in its prettiness. Only getting a neutral rating because that is what it aspires to! A winner.
4th February 2023
Alchymia. Perfumare. Magnum Opus.

Angel’s share – the original

I find “1270” very close to Kilian’s “Angel’s share”. Maybe less polished, and certainly less posh and pretentious, but very genuine. And at half – or third (depends where you look) – of the price. It is also 10 years older than “Angel’s share”, so it is indeed a very original and bold take at the liquor genre.

I also find “1270” to be Frapin’s “Caravelle Epicée”’s cousin. They are both strong, rich and straightforward liquors; both are very full and accomplished compositions; both have an astounding, magnificent and very short opening that quickly settles into a skin scent; both benefit hugely by being layered onto themselves every now and then; both lack much development; and both are moderate in their use of synthetics. The differences are as follows: “1270” has a fresher, more invigorating and complex opening; this, in turn, pulls you outwards, while “Caravelle Epicée” pulls you inwards and is warmer, more enveloping and cozier; “1270”’s drydown is more abrupt and disharmonious, while “Caravelle Epicée”’s is smoother and softer; “1270” drydown is much fruitier, powdery and creamy, as opposed to “Caravelle Epicée”’s more fermented, flowery and spicey one. “1270”’s drydown makes it feel like a more conventional perfume, but more natural and appealing, and more importantly, it parts with the liquor energy and, as noted by other reviewers, goes into gourmand territory. If I simplify matters, I would say that “1270” wins the opening but loses the drydown. Overall, I am picking “Caravelle Epicée” from the duo. The reason is the very poor drydown of “1270”. I wonder what their recent “extreme” edition has to offer, but my gut feeling makes me doubtful.

As a final note, I still feel this fragrance doesn’t catch the essence of the important year 1270 (when Frapin has allegedly been established) well enough. My favorite for now – “Caravelle Epicée” is closer to the concept, and probably “Passion Boisée”, which – based on the composition of the notes and the reviews – seems to be so promising that I am very tempted to make the risky move of blind-buying it…

But bravo Frapin, out of the four of your perfumes that I have tried, two are what I came for, and another one will most probably get there too. And thank you.

Frapin, 1270:
Composition: 7/10
Complexity: 7/10
Development: 4.5/10
Naturality: 6.5/10
29th May 2022

Blah. 1270 is a big disappointment. Candied Oranges, Coca, Coffee, Grape, Plum, Spices? Nowhere to be found. There is a 30 second burst of pineapple followed by a synthetic wood accord that I can't abide. I've come to hate synthetic wood accords and this fragrance has a pronounced one. In my mind I was hoping for something Serge Lutenesque with this one, but it's far from that and is unfortunately a mediocre fragrance at best and an outright fail at worst. This is a fail for me personally but others might enjoy it more than I have. Two thumbs down.
20th March 2021
For as interesting as the notes list of 1270 is, it doesn't impress me terribly. For the first hour 90% of what I get is pineapple, with a hint of cocoa. So, I'm reminded primarily of the slew of Aventus clones that have flooded the market. Then, after a little I start to get more cocoa and guiac wood, which adds a bit of depth but doesn't do enough for me to catch a ton of interest.

The performance is also just terrible. I think this is the worst projection out of any scent I've tried. I ended up using the entirety of my 1ml sample over the courses of a couple hours because it just would not come off my skin. Just sat there the whole time. An overall disappointment.
26th January 2020
A fruity woody that could have been a contender, except for its somewhat hesitant character. After a delicious, juicy, pineapple dominated opening, 1270 settles into a pleasing mix of sweet fruity notes with a bit of warming ginger and a musked woods backdrop. Slight developments of interest are dusky cocoa shadings and hints of tobacco and leather – all kept unobtrusive, functioning as gentle support.
Still, there is a lacklustre quality about the proceedings and a default ambery setting which drags this into pretty generic territory when it could have been so much more.
20th November 2017
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