125 Years Your Companion for Life 
Victorinox (2009)


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125 Years Your Companion for Life by Victorinox

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125 Years Your Companion for Life is a men's fragrance launched in 2009 by Victorinox

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Reviews of 125 Years Your Companion for Life by Victorinox

There are 3 reviews of 125 Years Your Companion for Life by Victorinox.

Discontinued, and no great loss in my book. A super-safe, weedy, semi-sweet, woody tonka. The only thing worse than its negligible projection and longevity is its originality, which is non-existent. Duller than a dull day in Dullsville.

I disagree that this is boring. It is amazing and it is unique. Since it has been already discontinued, you should act quickly before it is gone.
The scent does pass through 3 distinct stages; the cardamom and grapefruit blast out front and combine with the Tonka. The short-lived middle stage seems to bring the cacao and larch forward into the sweetness of the fragrance, making it spicy and creamy like peaches dipped in caramel.
The final stage is a return to the green citrus and spicy floral beginning as the hay and Tonka create a woody heart inside the grapefruit and cardamom.
Projection is good for me, but total longevity is about three hours.

I've decided to remove my full review from before and simplify this, as well as my taste has changed. 125 Years a really underrated fragrance, but I still stick to my decision, it is lacking something, and doesn't have much depth to it.

This is basically a 4 note fragrance. Citrus, cocoa, tonka, woods. More specifically.. this opens up with a burst of grapefruit, with a little something there keeping it interesting. It quickly fades into the cocoa phase where.. there is supposed to be a hay note, which I kind of get.. as it has this dirty-ish mossy feel in the background. The cocoa gets creamier as the tonka bean emerges, and it dries into a sandalwood base.

This is a great cocoa fragrance for beginners, who want cocoa, but don't want something as intense as LIDGE, or DHI. The choices for cocoa dominated mens fragrances are actually pretty slim. I think between this, and CKin2U, these would be the 2 safest bets.

125 Years can be found cheap online, I got mine for I think 20 bucks shipped, maybe even less. At first I wasn't thrilled with it, but overtime I realized, wow.. I have used a lot of my bottle. It's a great "go to" fragrance, when I want something sweet, but not unorthodox. This is always a safe bet. I guess when you have 180 or so bottles and you've used about 1/3 of a 3.4 oz bottle, that says something.

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