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    • Mandarin, Osmanthus, Labdanum, Myrrh, Musk

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For once, Lush’s strategy of unceremoniously dumping a vat load of bolshy, untrimmed raw materials into a scent and letting them all duke it out actually works. The osmanthus takes the form of a cooked apricot jam spiced heavily with almond essence and cinnamon, making me think of boozy Christmas fruitcakes slathered in apricot jam and carefully wrapped in a layer of rolled-out marzipan. But if there is cooked citrus jam, then there is also something nicely fresh here, in the form of that metallic, juicy brightness that stains your fingers for hours after you’ve peeled a mandarin.

These layers of both juicy and jammy citrus interact with the dusty but headily spiced myrrh to accentuate the Coca Cola-ish aspects of the resin, complete with its dark ‘crunchy’ sweetness and joyful, nose-tickling fizz. If I could spread 1000 Kisses on a slice of toasted panettone, I totally would. A uniquely cheerful take on myrrh.
12th January 2023
I'm reviewing Lush's version of the fragrance. This is a gorgeous and different mandarine fragrance. Not too sweet, not too acid, with some dryness and bitterness. There is a smoky, burnt side to it as well, which makes it special and “very Lush”. Sillage and longevity are good!
EDIT: there is a strong benzine note in the opening that can pull off some people.
2nd February 2018

Review of the re-issue in 2010 by Gorilla Perfume, previously B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful:

1000 Kisses Deep is Gorilla's osmanthus scent, accompanied by plenty of myrrh and labdanum. The overall effect, strangely, is of burnt caramel with a mandarin 'winning streak' – to continue the Leonard Cohen reference begun with the title. I wonder if the fragrance would've been better with less citrus; currently it feels like a distracting bright light is trying to seep through a velvet curtain.
25th July 2012
Much better than I expected, given its rather precious name.
Phase 1 is a very distinctive orange marmalade smell (as others have noted). It is very orange-y and it also has a syrupy quality which is more in terms of weight or texture than sweetness.
Phase 2 is a complex chord of floral/earthy notes with soapy and slightly fresh ones. The overall effect is of a slightly creamy, earthy flower.
Phase 3 brings out some wood and resinous notes.
Overall, quite an interesting scent. Not heavy or excessively sweet, and worth a try. I'm neutral on it because it isn't my style but I don't see anything wrong with it.
3rd March 2012
This was instant winner for me. I love orange scents on me but sometimes they can be overpowering, this really is such a gentle blossom smell it really feels like you are out for a walk on a spring day rolling in the blossom with the one you love! Later in the wear I get macaroons and powder which also smells yummy. I find I relate to Simon Constantine's perfumes! Since I have been learning about perfumes I can get very overwhelmed with complex scents and it bothers me when I can't pick out all the notes! But I like that with his scents I know what I'm smelling! It's probably because I am a novice but I find him very inspirational.
1st April 2011
ln my view the best perfume that B Never too Busy produced. lt's a rich blend of osmanthus, labdanum & myrrh, which smells just like orange marmalade, yet has a surprising sophistication & depth. lt has wonderful sillage & lasts a very long time. l find it works best in cooler (not cold) weather, making it a good autumn or spring daytime fragrance for me.
17th February 2011
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