10 Crosby Rain Day 
Derek Lam (2016)

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There are 2 reviews of 10 Crosby Rain Day by Derek Lam.

I received this as a monthly sample recently and have been trying it for a few days to see how it performs/layers. The version I received is a small solid perfume stick, which is bound to have different qualities than the EDP, which I haven't tried. The formula is a little sticky on the skin, but it sticks around for moderate longevity, however very close to the skin. If another perfume is sprayed over top, it also sticks to the sticky.

I love vanilla mixed with vetiver, it's an olfactory memory of the renaissance festival that comes to the outskirts of town every summer, incense in the woods. I layered this with Solinotes Vanille and it's just about perfect. I wear it for myself, often to bed. Vetiver is the star, at least in this solid version, but there are certainly better options for vetiver out there (I like Clean Reserve's Smoked Vetiver). I have enjoyed trying out the stick as a mode of application and I will wear it, so it's a barely-thumbs-up from me!
Jul 21, 2019

The neroli smells more like a brash and somewhat synthetic orange note than an actual blossom. Rather like some synth bergamot notes one often encounters in male scents. Then, there is briefly a wet-pavement smell which unfortunately is more sweet than I'd expect in that sort of note. Poof, it is gone. No semblance of vetiver that I can fine. A vaguely sweet musk dry-down. Nothing remarkable here.
Mar 21, 2016

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