07 Tanoke fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Ginger, Bitter Orange, Black Pepper
  • Heart

    • Lignum Vitae, Frankincense, Nutmeg
  • Base

    • Woods, Patchouli, Musk

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Latest Reviews of 07 Tanoke

Darkness with light beaming through. that is the best way i can describe this fragrance. Smoky, warm, bittersweet and dry. It starts with a tiny hint of bitter orange, but that freshness is short lived where is then taken over by a wet incense note which i feel like that incense is made of nutmeg and birch.

The scent gets a little sweeter kind of a spicy sweet it is due pepper and that patchouli is just laced with woody notes and musk to give just the right balance of masculinity. It is a bit heavy so it might become overwhelming in hot weather. This is a man who, after the sacred ceremony is completed, will spend a few hours administering private religious instruction to his enthralled, adoring female acolytes.
18th April 2021
Tanoke 07 is a sheer peppery green-incense. It starts with citrus notes of orange, which dissipates in minutes to lead to a woody, peppery incense fragrance. It is very linear, lasts several hours and wears with close to moderate projection. There is indeed some cypress-like note in there. While I like Tanoke, I get bored of it on my skin after a while. The woody-incense accord is nice but not the most engaging. Additionally I find it to be a bit too sheer (but it is isn't weak or wearing out fast). I would have preferred it to have just a bit more oomph, maybe with an added dimension or two. Definitely recommended to fans of incense perfumes in the style of Comme des Garçons.

3rd September 2020

A superb incense based fragrance with ginger, pepper and orange out front. I feel like there's some clove in there too, although not listed. The olibanum keeps this from turning into a potpourri in the opening. Not that potpourri is a bad thing...I love a good potpourri. But, this is a much dryer, more woodsy scent. I would say this is a very stark fragrance, meaning that it's well delineated. It's got nothing to hide...it's all out there. It's in your face, literally, and just is what it is. And, what it is, is a very good thing. It smells wild, but it's a well behaved wild. I feel like I'll wear this a lot more in a suit, white shirt and tie than I will in jeans and a t-shirt. Not that it wouldn't fit in both situations. This makes me feel like I'm sitting in a board room at a huge table made out of a single slab of redwood tree that's got different shades of deep browns and reds rippling outward in a circular pattern from the center. But, it's covered in many layers of clear acrylic to keep it from giving me slivers. Yeah, it's kind of like that.

Two enthusiastic thumbs way up!
19th August 2017
Neutral rating ONLY because I don't like it, not because it isn't good.
It's too linear and too strong. There are other notes but all I get is incense all day long. And yes, it does not quit. Super smoky super incensy.
11th May 2016
Every time I wear this, I get asked what it is, by both men and women. That's probably the greatest compliment a fragrance can receive. Buy a bottle.
1st February 2016
Like the pyramid, bitter orange and ginger with a bit of pepper at the top and then a lot of frankensense and woods. At first sniff I knew I had to have this one. Definately a woody incense fragrance. Not timid but well behaved. Some complain about longevity but it lasts and lasts on me. This will become a staple in the fall. The best from Odin IMHO. FBW.
28th August 2014
Incense is not listed in the pyramid but this is an incense frag.. Great projection and longevity unlike Avignon which is a bit more tamed.. I prefer this as the Frank and Patch give it a more edgier feel.. This could be a Holy Grail frag but I must wear it a few more times.. This is for ppl that like loud incense frag's only so plz be aware!!
24th January 2014
Hefty Woody IncenseTanoke packs quite a lot of heft with its smoldering macho woods ,incense and pepper. It's got a strong and moderately fiery character. I also get a lot of vetiver in the heart . Definitely more masculine but if you love deep incense and woods , a woman can pull this one off. Very good. Pros: TenacityCons: None - but more masculine"
9th September 2013
Absolutely classy, elegant, and amazing fragrance from Odin, the best in the line (in my opinion). Opens up with luscious orange and spices on top of incense that quickly takes over and dominates. This is not some weak fake incense, but a deep smoky incense that is paired beautifully with the other notes. It definitely has that CdG Avignon / Heeley Cardinal feel to it when worn, but where those fragrances have difficulty being worn, I find 07 Tanoke to be perfectly acceptable as a suit and tie fragrance.
12th March 2013
Citrusy incense, very close to Cardinal and Avignon on the dry down, but the bitter orange & ginger make it different enough to stand alone, as they add a hefty punch that the former do not have. A bit heavier feeling as well. Longevity and projection are outstanding, bordering on insane. This fragrance doesn't quit. Another highly respectable and impressive release from Odin.
19th February 2013
I like it a lot!
This is a great peppery-spice, woody scent with some very good incense notes. The incense is very similar to that in Heeley Cardinal, but the overall scent is a bit drier and has a really nice pepper note. Indeed, all the spices (ginger, nutmeg, and pepper) are very well done and give a masculine, barbershop vibe. It wears very well and is completely satisfying.
Update -- the 5 stars continue... a rare occurrence for me. Very, very satisfying scent, possibly my favourite incense. Starts with an assertive wood note. Quickly is joined by frankincense and a bit of oudh. Very well done, even evokes the smoky note of burned incense. Spices add a pleasing frame. Very dry, substantial yet translucent; not sweet or heavy in any way. Superior to Heeley Cardinal, the closest analogue.
22nd November 2012
I don't write reviews often any more. I've got too much to occupy my time nowadays, but when something really good comes along its time to put pen to paper . . . keyboard to IPad, whatever . . . give some direction to the wandering masses scent aficionados like me who search aimlessly in the universe of expanding smells. I found a good one in Odin 07 Tanoke.

Odin New York's latest release 07 Tanoke is a wonderful scent and will delight anyone searching for an autumn or wintertime fragrance if you give it opportunity. Tanoke has mystery, smoke, deep woods, incense and spices a virtual northern California Redwood forest in a bottle. Perfumer Corinne Cachen seems to have ticked off a laundry list of all the things I like best in a cold weather fragrance.

The opening is bitter orange but disappears quickly into black pepper and ginger drenched nutmeg incense. Not since I was enthralled with Santa Maria Novella's Dominican treasure Marasciella have I experienced such a quickening of smokey nutmeg and woods incense. The smokiness is aided by gaiac wood and a redwood bark odor blended with incense resin. This is a dark, smokey woods with just the right amount of ginger and nutmeg vapors. I like it much.

I am a little disappointed in the Barney's salesperson (an Odin company person, I think) who insisted it contains oud, thinking I would be wowed by the name dropping - Oh Oud! - but no oud is here. It doesn't need it. I put this juice right up there with Profumum Arso and Dubrano Black Tourmaline - Odin 07 Tanoke has arrived and is at the top of my list for a winter woods fragrance. Give it a try out if you happen to cross its path.
12th September 2012