06 Amanu fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blood orange, green galbanum, lentisque
  • Heart

    • cedarleaf, jasmine sambac, magnolia
  • Base

    • amberwood, sheer musk, live moss

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The scent of a forest after rain. A mixture of little bit amber sweetness infused with wood and a tiny bit musk creaminess that is nice but not excellent. There is nothing absoloutely clean, chemical or aspirational about this fragrance. Earthly warmth with subtle fresh citrus makes a nice harmony for both sexes. Green, elegant, aromatic, woody, musky, unisex, refined, bright, refreshing and smooth.

This fragrance is vigorous and bright in the opening notes with a luxurious accord of blood orange and green galbanum. The fragrance then moves smoothly to jasmine but a soft jasmine not the huge smothering thing while in the dry down it displays smooth woody elements and harmonious musk and moss. In fact this stuff is pretty powerful in the beginning but it subdues into floral musk woody skin scent. This interesting scent is suitable for raindy days in the spring/autumn.
13th August 2016
This is a “true” green fragrance because it showcases that greenest-of-green notes, galbanum. It is clear, dry, masculine, but good for women, and initially very light. As it settles into its musk base, it sweetens appreciably. My opinion veered back and forth as it developed because galbanum can be a difficult note. Even though it is one of my favorite substances, it can go too far “into the vegetable bin” and smell crisp like celery and bitter like green pepper. But, in this perfume, the musk base saves it from that fate. The galbanum iis simple and well-handled here, not overly ornamented. It's not a fancy perfume, yet it knows where it's going and moves in a nice direction.
1st June 2012

I like this. Maybe should be a thumbs up. It just seems so familiar. The orange/jasmine of Varvatos Artisan. The leafy, sappy greenness of - is it Philosykos or Eau de Lierre by Diptyque?
The buttery dry down and light touch of woods, herbs and amber and musk.

Not really original. not really a unified composition. A bit too delicate for an EdP. I wish I was spraying it on rather than dabbing on a sample, there may be more to this than I am noting.
20th February 2012