04 Petrana 
Odin New York (2010)

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About 04 Petrana by Odin New York

Reviews of 04 Petrana by Odin New York

Muted, watery irisy floral, quietly sweet.
Aug 1, 2016

A clean, synthetic, pleasant “pastel” perfume thingy played on tones of green and violet. Cassis (that omnipresent base that makes recent green-fruity-floral fragrances so similar one to another), plastic iris with no much left of its buttery rootiness, then green leaves, a subtle pollen-floral note, a salty-woody feel of vetiver, juicy pepper and not much else. So basically a trendy, restrained, glossy and unsubstantial contemporary iris scent. Inoffensive, generically pleasant, unisex, in my opinion ranking below dozens of better iris-based fragrances (without mentioning the best ones, even something like L’homme de coeur by Divine works far better). Much linear, with a powdery-soapy drydown and an annoying humid-salty-metallic aftertaste presumably due to all the synthetic stuff. Dull and overpriced, but it would make a nice gift for low-demanding friends or loved ones.

Nov 18, 2014

A violet leaf driven floral frgrance of average quality. A moderate pink pepper note blends quite armonically to heliotrope and floral patterns (mainly iris) turning then into a clean musky drydown. Everything is surrounded by a green vibe throughout. Pleasant, honestly refined, very wearable and totally unisex yet not incredibly interesting. A nice one among nice others.
Jul 10, 2011

Petrana - an interesting unisex. Women should give this one a try too for it's very wearable .
This is to sum up - an elegant iris fragrance. Sweetish and powdery to start. Sheer and subtle. Candied Violets is what I thought when I applied this.However , the iris shines after the top notes and lasts till dry down.
If Dior Homme appeals ,then this should too.
May 10, 2011

This is a pleasant fragrance – I do dislike the violet note in it, but that’s just me... actually the violet in integrated quite well in the balance and movement of the fragrance. 04 Petrana contains representative florals, green notes, and white musk: I would say it is green dominant. The accords are balanced and natural smelling, and it has good sillage and longevity. All that said, I find nothing at all special about it, or for that matter… nothing that makes Petrana much different from a well-made designer fragrance. It’s a competent fragrance but I don’t see it as niche quality…

Jan 9, 2011

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