02 Owari fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Owari Mandarin, Bright Green Bergamot, Grapefruit Leaves
  • Heart

    • Cubeb Pepper, Amyris Wood, Crisp Neroli
  • Base

    • Cedarwood, Golden Amber, Tonkin Musk

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Smells like a very realistic orange peel at first, but that's gone quickly and nothing very interesting remains. (The store where I tried these has them lined up alongside fragrances from Olfactive Studio, and the two brands seem very similar to me - minimalist bottles lined up in a very long row, each containing enough intriguing top notes to hold your attention in the store but developing so generically as to be almost insulting for the prices they charge.)
1st August 2016
I cannot make up my mind about this. It was recommended to me as a bloody bloody blood orange and indeed, it smells like that for about ten seconds. Or a minute, tops. After that, ther eis not so much to smell, except for a homely room-scnet like pleassant scent. Okay, if this cost 20 EURO or something, I would buy it. Maybe I just need to give it another try. I now got a sample of Odin 9, lets see about longevity of Odin in general.
21st August 2014

Absolute rubbish. Sorry absolute expensive rubbish, at that. A smell you would associate with one of hose perfumes you can get at the Pound Shop. The box and bottle is where I guess the money is spent. Certianly not on the ingrediants. I bought this on the reviews, wo is me, should be my avatar! Be guided by your nose. It is poor, and I dont get any Kapow, Bang, Slam, more like a theres a hint of fly killer spray.
4th September 2012
Smells like mandarin peel
2nd September 2012
I am trying a sample at the moment which will last me for about 5 full wearings.

The start of the scent is really nice and citrusy but after an hour there is very little left.

Medium thumbs !
29th August 2012
The bitter orange that opens this scent is absolutely incredible. Love it. The drydown fades to something less intoxicating, and very faint. It seems like the longevity on this one for me is only a handful of hours, maybe three max. I wish it would stick around longer because it smells fantastic.
9th June 2012
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