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Odin New York (2009)

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Reviews of 01 Nomad by Odin New York

A warm, sweetish, powdery feel of “baked bread” as in L’Artisan’s Bois Farine or a couple of Lutens’ I don’t remember at the moment, really plushy and dusty, basically all revolving around the spicy almond note of tonka, the peculiar “pollen-dusty” note of heliotrope and the sweet woodiness of sandalwood, all made even more dry and dusty thanks to a bold “greyish” base note of musk. That’s quite all about that. Kind of soapy, not that sweet, and really dry. I’m quite sure that if they sold a tonka-musk bath soap, this would be the smell of your skin after a bath. A sweeter, drier, more “bready” and more boring version of Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum; or if you want, a dustier, saltier, muskier version of any sandalwood-centered scent – say, Santal Noble. The opening is intriguing, but it soon reduces to a dusty-woody scent with a soapy feel, which smells really linear and kind of plain, a bit cheap too.And that feel of bread – I don’t know how to call that – is just annoying. Finally after a couple of hours it’s all about plain ambroxan, that “grey amber” feel, just vaguely reminiscent of the sweet powdery muskiness of the previous stages. Not sure what to think of this, do you know when something leaves you completely indifferent? It happens with perfumes too to me. It’s not bad, not good, maybe nice, maybe not, I think I need a nap now...

Mar 19, 2015

Incense and vanilla with a touch of cedar makes this a more mature based gourmand. Not overpowering at all. Syrupy and slightly sweet at the initial spray. Kind of reminds me of a toned down DHI. The Incense makes this one project for about 6 good hours. You won't smell this one from across the room, but you will up close. 8 out of 10.
Oct 30, 2013

This fragrance is simply amazing... To me it smells like a more complete and sensual version of tam dao... Woody, creamy, light citrus, slightly smokey, and sweet.. Very natural smelling and blended fairly well.. This fragrance is not a projection monster and gives me about 6-8 hours of longevity with about 3 of those being fairly close to skin.. This fragrance is the ULTIMATE date night/close quarter encounter scent.. It does not have og santal silage, but when people are in a close proximity to you THEY ARE BLOWN AWAY .. This is by faaaaar my most complimented scent (raving compliments). I am very glad that this fragrance isn't hyped up or accessible to most people.. In all, this is my ultimate sexy/close quarters scent and will be in my collection for a very long time.
Mar 20, 2013

Weird balmy chypre running an opposite layout in comparison with the one of many other juices that start sharp (or almost kind of) in order of finally turning out creamy or soapy. The first sugary blast is by soon indeed almost indolic and humid with a syrupy tonka/talky eliotrope/palmarosa accord soon rounded by a soothing fruity vanilla projecting a creamy but all at once wet and citrusy vibe. As well as elsewhere underlined, an heady woodiness starts soon to bloom up and to dry the wet balminess (with a sweetness that fortunately in a few time recedes). In this phase the aroma, despite its barely oriental temperament, smells well balanced, basically woody and musky with a sort of powdery smokey opacity and a cool dusty substance. Conclusion: 01 Nomad is pleasant but uninspired and a bit too synthetic. I'll deflect towards several (better appointed and more "fragrant") scents a la Black Angel Buxton, Nomad Crabtree&Evelyn or stuffs like that.
Mar 19, 2013

whether you think it's more designer or niche does not matter. this is a great deep incense scent. the bergamot opening lasts a few minutes, then the cedar/black pepper/tonka bean accord is the magic of the scent. reminds me of gucci pour homme but a bit more mature.
Mar 12, 2013

When I first sprayed this on I got so excited because it smelled like a syrupy fruit cake. You see, I just love gourmands, and the more they smell like unhealthy dessert, the better. It's probably because I won't eat unhealthy dessert. So I wore this to work with absurdly liberal application and I was kind of nervous that I might be a offensive. Well, there was no reason to worry with this impotent disaster. Oh sure, it smells great while it lasts, but it only lasts about 4 hours even when megadosed, and even while it lasts it doesn't really project much.

Such a shame, as who doesn't want a fragrance in their collection that's going to raid villages?

Nomad by Odin, grrrrrrrr
Apr 2, 2012

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