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    • Jasmine, Rose, Ylang, Osmanthus, Tuberose, Lavender, Geranium, White Champaca, Neroli, Cedar, Sandalwood, Galbanum, Opoponax, Rosewood, Olibanum, Cypress, Ho Wood, Mastix, Labdanum, Palmarosa, Benzoin, Swiss Pine, Tea Tree, Thuya, Juniper Berry, Vetiver, Clove, Corn Mint, Black Pepper, Cacao extract, Sage, Fennel, Wheat Bran, Madagascar Vanilla, Black Pepper, Yuzu, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Green Lemon, Petitgrain, Red Mandarin

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07738 is another interesting limited-edition offering from Bogue, presumably exclusively via Luckyscent of Los Angeles, now wholly sold out on its website.

Its rather lengthy note list creates, for me, a rather resinous yellow floral creation, consisting of a few floral players that have a balance of freshness, sharpness, and sweetness: ylang ylang, tuberose, and jasmine. The other main piece is a mix of resins, perhaps labdanum, most prominently, that foster a sort of creamy vibe in concert with the aforementioned florals. Lastly, some woods seem to complement the other items and bring it all together. Overall, it's not a terribly sweet or spicy mix, but rather a creamy floral with aspects of powder and freshness.

The main attribute that needs mentioning is the strength of the juice, however. It's unusually strong for its extended of opening of a couple of hours, during which the sharpness and florality of the blend overshadow the creamy, resinous, and sweet qualities of it.

With extrait concentration and a bottle cost of $245 for 50ml, though, I wouldn't expect much less than a strong fragrance, but even so, the stuff is very strong, so there's good value there. Overall, though, it's a bit too sharp for too long for my liking, and it misses the mark slightly while being interesting and complex.

6 out of 10
23rd April 2019