Symine Salimpour’s ‘Shiloh’, Hors La Monde

The only similarities between Angelina Jolie and Symine Salimpour are as follows:  both are beautiful women with ties to France; both fight tooth and nail for the causes they believe in; they have had to overcome many great obstacles to become successful; both assist and donate to children’s charitable causes and  both have a baby named “Shiloh” but that is where the similarities end.Symine Salimpour was born in the elegant and picturesque town of Nice in the French Riviera. After graduating the bar as a Human Rights lawyer, she moved to Israel and worked for famed jewellers – H. Stern before moving to the US to open her own jewellery company, Hors Là Monde, (pronounced Orlamonde) a name based on a quaint castle and hotel overlooking the waters of the Cote d’Azure. Her company is based out of in New York and France.During one of her visits to Nice, her parents threw a soiree where she was introduced to the highly-acclaimed Perfumer, Michel Roudnitska, (Art et Parfum and the perfumer to: Frédéric Malle’s   ‘Noir Epices’; ‘Parfums DelRae’ and ‘Ellie by Ellie D) through the wife of the Ambassador of Luxembourg. Salimpour spoke of her desire to create a perfume which she had already named  “Shiloh”, a Hebrew word meaning ‘his gift”. With memories of living in Israel still resounding in her heart, she was already determined to  to donate 5% of the profits of the perfume to a non-denominational, non- religious home to assist in medical and educational services to disbled children in Israel (Beit Issie Shapiro).  She felt that through beauty, it would be a wonderful way to strengthen and bring the children of the Middle East together.Ironically, Angelina Jolie did not agree with the name of scent although it was thought of long before the birth of her baby. After a long legal battle with Jolie, the superstar actress finally dropped the battle in June 2007 and Salimpour was able to move forward with her signature scent.When I first smelled Shiloh, I recalled the sophistication and elegance of the French beauty/actress, Anouk Aimee, circa 1966 in the classic movie “Un Homme et une Femme” but interestingly enough, I also heard the haunting vocals of the late Yemini singer, Ofrah Haza which I later found out is one of Salimpour’s favourites. I had no idea of the story behind the scent and Symine’s story was later confirmed to me by the perfumer, Michel Roudnitska.When first sniffing Shiloh, there is a crispness of bergamot which falls into a wonderful green herbaceous note, like the rolling hills of Provence on a Spring morning.The transition to Damask rose is so subtle, it’s spicy notes buoy and round out the freshness and drop into basenotes of Virginia cedar, earthy patchouli, a touch of Oriental incense – reminding me of Jersualem and the arid Negev desert. Underneath, lies translucent notes of musk and vanilla. What is so amazing to my nose is the transparency yet depth and tenacity of Shiloh. It’s haunting mist is wispy, elusive yet incredibly sensuous.The flacon (bottle) motif, a compass, an invitation to the riches of the world, the precious memories within waiting to be released…Salimpour’s ‘Shiloh’ offers the sophistication and aire of France blending with the arid desert winds of the Middle East, a radiant liquid diamond in the sand.Shiloh Eau de Parfum 50 ml $128.00 – Available at: Lucky Scent and other Points of Purchase (see Shiloh website):Official  Hors Là Monde  Website (Perfume and Jewellery)For the full story, read the link for the Washington Post written by Joe Bargmann:Shiloh: A Baby and a Perfume – Fragrance Designer Wins Rights to NameShiloh in the Basenotes Directory

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