Keeping the Edge of Niche Fragrances Sharp: Art & Olfaction Awards Winners, Finalists, and Honorable Mentions

The winners of the 9th Art And Olfaction Awards were announced in a gala ceremony at the historic Cicada Club, an art deco jewel in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, May 11, 2023.

The awards represent a range of practices and experience. The perfumes in the Artisan and Independent categories were selected in a blind judging process over the course of several months.

Two winners are awarded a Golden Pear in each the Artisan category and the Independent category. There are four additional Golden Pears awarded to: The Sadakichi Category for Experimental Work with Scent, The Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume, The Contribution to Scent Culture Award, and finally The Septimus Piesse Award for Exceptional Vision.

Saskia Wilson Brown and husband (Photo courtesy Institute for Art & Olfaction).

Launched in 2014, the Art & Olfaction Awards have become a highly distinguished recognition of excellence in the field of independent perfumery. The Art and Olfaction Awards are designed to raise interest and awareness for independent and artisan perfumers and experimental practitioners with scent, by shining a spotlight on perfumery’s most outstanding creators, and to help generate support for independent practices in perfumery as a whole.

Joseph Quartana, Ben Esposito, and Miguel Mathos with their Golden Pear Awards.jpg

Two winners in the “Artisan Category”

“Tabacco Smeraldo” by Miguel Matos Perfumes
Perfumer: Miguel Matos, Portugal

“Voices” by House of Mammoth x Lather Talk
Perfumer: Benjamin Esposito, USA

Andreas Wilhelm accepting his award

Two winners in the “Independent Category”

“Ierofante” by Parfums Quartana
Perfumer: Luca Maffei
Creative Director: Joseph Quartana, USA

“Fuchsrot” by Bodé Studios
Perfumer: Andreas Wilhelm for Bodé Studios, Switzerland
Creative Director: Lino Bottani, Nicola Deflorin

Sadakichi Award Winner “Salt Flowers” Peter de Cupere.

Sadakichi Award Winner

“Salt Flowers” Peter de Cupere
Perfumer: Peter de Cupere, Belgium

Aftel Award for Handmade Perfume

“La Tacita De Cafe” by Day Three Fragrances
Perfumer: Michael Paul, USA

“Black Perfumers” Award Winners – Terry Carter, Lakenda Wallace, Ethan Turner, and Tatiana Fortune

Sebastian Jara and Terry Carter

The Contribution to Scent Culture Award

“Black Perfumers” by Elle N., and an international collective of 33 perfumers

The Septimus Piesse Award for Exceptional Vision

“Olif” by Taylor Ahlmark & Anoria Gilbert for Maak Lab, USA

L. to R. Mabelle O’rama “Lunar Dust” and Sarah Baker “Gold Spot” received Honorable Mention

Elizabeth Noir, Sebastian Jara, Sarah Colton, Sebastian Tucker (photo Courtesy Elizabeth Noir).

Institute for Art and Olfaction board member, Daniel Krasofski, LABdk (Photo courtesy Institute for Art & Olfaction)

Below is a list of finalists and honorable mentions in the Independent, Artisan, and Sadakichi categories. Keep an eye out and remember the names of the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions, because they represent the outer-most cutting edge of artistic and niche perfumery.

Independent Category Finalists

  • Animal CafĂ©, by ExtraVirgo
  • Flamingo, by Blackcliff
  • Hora de la Verdad, Sombra, by SenyokĂ´
  • Los Angeles, by de Kloka X Death & Co
  • Mansa, by Pernoire
  • Room No., by Perfumehead
  • Tri-Goddess, by Sage Goddess
  • Wind Blows, by QIUHAO

Independent Category Honorable Mentions

  • Ceremony by In Fieri (USA)
  • Corpalium by Marlou (France)
  • Gold Spot by Sarah Baker (England)
  • Tong Ren by Elementals (Germany)
  • White Whale by Masque Milano (Italy)

Artisan Category Finalists

  • Alter Oud, by d.grayi
  • Encore du Temps, by Meo Fusciuni
  • Filament, by nosey people society
  • Garden Heaux, by SAMAR
  • Osmanthus Floral, by Neshama Perfume
  • Solario, by OSMOFOLIA
  • Tatami Dreams, by Tavie Belle

Artisan Category Honorable Mentions

  • American Pharaoh by Folkwinds (USA)
  • Enlightenment by Christèle Jacquemin (France)
  • Lunar Dust by Mabelle O’rama (England)
  • No. 44 – Fire and Rain by COGNOSCENTI (USA)
  • Red Skies by Maher Olfactive (USA)

Sadakichi Award Finalists

  • Aerosculpture, by Maki Ueda
  • Aquanauts, by Pompe Hedengren with Karolina Stockhaus
  • Lágrimas, Terra e Crisântemo, by Karola Braga with Leandro Petit (Givaudan)
  • NEGR-OID, by Rhea Dillon
  • Scent Clock / The Koepenicker, by Patrick Palcic

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Happy to hear that Enlightenment by Christèle Jacquemin received honorable mention in the artisan category. Personally think she's very good.

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You know it's niche when you have not heard of a single scent that's mentioned. Not one.

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Congratulations to all

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