Basenotes Perfume Crossword #30

It’s the weekend, so it’s time for the Basenotes Perfume Crossword. You can either download and print a pdf or try it online at Answers next week.



1 ____ Syed, founder of Agar Aura
3 Amouage scent created by Pierre Negrin
8 ____ Fresca, Aqua Allegoria scent
9 Armand Basi fragrance
10 Fragrance by 12 A
12 Original maker of English Leather
16 Estee Lauder-owned haircare brand
17 Bois d’_____: US name for Malle’s French Lover
18 German sportsbrand founded by Adolf Dasler
19 Lagerfeld scent


1 Indult’s vanilla fragrance
2 Green, creator of Shangri La, Slowdive and Moon Bloom
4 Parfum Prissana perfumer
5 Paris Hilton scent
6 Katy Perry scent
7 Brand behind Le Dix and Florabotanica
11 Swedish perfume house, now owned by Spaniards
13 Resin
14 House founded by Miriam Mirani
15 Delevingne, modelled for Tom Ford Black Orchid and Burberry Body ad campaigns


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