Basenotes Crosswords: Brief Intermission, and feedback request

We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your continued enthusiasm and dedication to our weekly perfume-themed crossword puzzles – it is a joy to know that they have become a much-anticipated part of some of our reader’s routines!

However, we wish to inform you that there will be a slight pause in our crossword series. Our usual puzzle schedule will not feature a crossword for the following two weeks.

Please mark your calendars, as our crossword will resume its regular publishing schedule from the 3rd of June. We hope that the anticipation will make the reunion with your favorite scent-filled grid even more exhilarating!

While we’re on a break, this might be an excellent opportunity for you to revisit our previous puzzles. For those longing for a fragrant conundrum to solve, remember you can always dive into our crossword archive. You’ll find them all here. Perhaps there’s a tricky puzzle you’d like to revisit, or maybe there’s one you missed!

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the perfume-themed crossword series so far. Have you had any favorite puzzles? Any particular clues that have stumped or delighted you? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

We’re looking forward to making more scent-filled clues from the 3rd of June!

Crosswords will return at a later date.

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