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[Women's] SOTD Tuesday 9th of May 2023

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Oct 25, 2007
Itahaque by Memo


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jul 17, 2022
Good morning

(((Hugs to all that need it))) and a belated happy birthday to @purecaramel, I hope you had a great day.

SOTD is Chanel - Chance Parfum. I once tried Chance EdP and did not like it. I'm not entirely sure I like this either. It comes across on my skin as sharp herbal/green scent but nothing particularly stands out, note wise. Maybe it will grow on me.

Have a good day.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 9, 2006
Another worrier here, especially post Covid. Having my freedom severely curtailed for so long has had a lasting impact on me and I suspect many others.
Rain showers followed by sunshine today; a rainbow must surely follow.
Wearing Hermès Rhubarbe Ecarlate.


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Sep 1, 2010
Morning all!

l have my moments of worry & anxiety, but then l think everyone does to some degree. l try to address the issues that l can change, & accept those that l can't, while focusing on all the things l'm grateful for. lt's not always easy!

lt's still grey & wet here, so l'll try to get some housework done today. l'm giving a second wearing to my sample of Tabac by Tabac Cosmetics lnc., which isn't in the Directory.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Sep 3, 2022
+1 to the anxiety club. (@CeeTee - You are in good company!)

Part of me wonders whether anxiety is really a natural (if often unhelpful) internal reaction to external crazy.
We're "medicalizing" a natural response and blaming ourselves (and others) for "being anxious" so we don't have to look at real issues.

Personally, I've been feeling less anxious now that I don't leave the house or read the news that often.

And, to @Shycat 's point, the anxiety weakened the past couple of years.
Most of the bad stuff has already happened and I'm still here.
The rest of it (that I know about), I've planned for.
I don't recommend that approach to anxiety reduction.
Today's scent - K de Krizia. Synching with @CookBot and inspired by @JON RODGERS

Maybe it's the K de Krizia that made me all existential...
Definitely feels like the bookish sister of Halston (party sister), Paloma (fashionista sister), and Niki (artist sister).
Green floral aldehydes quickly fading into a pretty honeyed chypre.

Hang in there everyone!


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Jan 6, 2012
Syncing with @sakecat today in K de Krizia, a perfect lesson in "never say never" to a proclaimed floraphobe like me. It's a big, aldehydic floral of the 1980s variety, brimming with the BWFs I hate -- narcissus, lily of the valley, tuberose -- but it smells glorious. All that floral power is reined in by bitter moss and dry animalic facets, and it winds up smelling like the very essence of Italian elegance.

I was surprised to see that this doesn't appear in either of the Turin/Sanchez guides, since they usually love to talk about Maurice Roucel. It's difficult to imagine it ever being considered unisex, except by the most audacious of males -- like @JON RODGERS.


PS: As regards the poll on anxieties, I feel like a bit of a grasshopper among the ants. I don't tend to be much of a worrier. Maybe it comes from having a very peripatetic childhood, where I seldom lived anywhere more than a year. Perhaps that instilled a sense in me that chaos is the normal state of affairs.

Or maybe I just lack imagination.


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Jan 18, 2011
Still in Mure et Musc Extreme. It did rain a little, but it's been so dry here. Was watering the plants on the front porch and there was a wee lizard watching me so very closely, I poured him a little puddle of water and he ran over and started drinking it!
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