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[Women's] SOTD Saturday 10th of June 2023

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Trilby Lark

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Feb 17, 2013
My SOTD is Jo Malone Mallow on the Moor. I'm in Napa CA and there are a lot of wildflowers here, even in town.

Next stop: San Francisco

Happy BN Anniversay, freewheelingvagabond!


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Apr 27, 2006
SotE is a sample of Neroli orange by Matiere Premier. A parcel with a bright red lipstick and a samplebox with all MP scents came in the mail today. So I'm testing the first sample. I love it so far.
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Jan 6, 2012
For the weekend sync peony theme: a peony top that evolves into a very clean and clear woody rose. Extremely seductive in a grown-up, Catherine Zeta-Jones kind of way. Purchased because of a rave from Luca Turin, and because I didn't own a prominent rose at the time.

Cabaret by Grès


Its only real fault is the harlequin bottle, which is not only ugly, but also awkward to hold in the hand.


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Sep 5, 2013
Mike, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Giancarlo. I remember when you met him!
Happy BNaversary, freewheelingvagabond!

A peony synch! Sadly I have none here, but I like peony in scents. I read somewhere a long time ago that it's a fantasy note because you can't extract the scent from the flower, but whatever the perfumers are using to make it, I like. The real flowers give me the creeps as they are always covered in ants. So with no peony, I will wear something pink but not frilly--Sunset Hour.

No luck with reducing my internet bill. Sample of the conversation:
Me: I'd like to reduce my bill. I don't need 500 mbps of speed. Could I downgrade, please?
Them (after looking at account) I see you're on our Ultra plan. Your internet is free.
Me: Free? What am I paying $75 for?
Them: If you join our mobile phone plan, our introductory offer might reduce your bill. Who is your phone provider? (Notice my question was not answered.)
Me: I'm not changing my phone provider. Do you want to lose a customer who has never made a late payment?
Them: Well, changing your plan to 300 mbps won't reduce your bill.
(We go 'round and 'round a bit, but I get nowhere)
Me: Okay then, I'll be changing my service to another company.
Them: (no answer)


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Basenotes Plus
Jan 3, 2017
My Mom would've turned 92 yesterday.
BNversary to Freewheeling!
I just can't bring myself to eat flowers.
((((inee))))!!!! ♥
Kosui..., My husband Yells, in his sleep.
Belated Birthday wishes for Mike's Giancarlo! ♥
We STILL haven't installed our air conditioning units...


Style Pastels: Soft Yellow by Jil Sander
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