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[Women's] SOTD Monday 15th of May 2023

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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
SotE - Carven Homme.


Trilby Lark

Sillage Monster
Basenotes Plus
Feb 17, 2013
I'm wearing L'Air du Desert Marocain. Monday, Monday...

Update on my home library project: The spare room got painted Saturday the new bookcases arrive tomorrow morning. I can't wait to curate all my books and put them away. A lifelong dream come true.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Sep 3, 2022
Testing a theory - SOTA - Dior Poison (current formulation)

Interestingly, My Way has more fruit than current Poison. Would not have guessed that.
Poison is more floral - the Tuberose going rubbery on my skin on this wearing.
Poison is much stronger than My Way - pretty much obliterating any remaining trace of the previous scent.
The diva may have aged and weakened, but she's still recognizable.

Having one of the "good" days with Poison. It's reading woodier, ambery-er, and slightly spicier as it dries down.

Next theory - layering My Way with Poison might make up for the missing fruit notes of Poison.
Will need to decide if I'm up for that.

My poor partner...
Edited to add: Yeah..you can layer My Way with Poison. The top of both goes peachy. Not worth the effort.
And my partner closed his office door. I think I'm stinking him out. o_O
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Nom de Guerre

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Jan 2, 2020
Une Amourette by Etat Libre d'Orange

The second wearing of this and I've fallen for it. It sort of reminds me of cheap incense sticks and vintage t-shirts — if someone would ask me what Yellow Rat Bastard (clothing store in NYC) used to smell like back in 1999, I'd give them a sniff of this.



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Dec 30, 2022
I can’t read your updates until later, but hugs to anyone who wants or needs them!
today it’s gloomy with some thunderstorms passing through. One of my dogs is NOT happy about it.
Today, it’s the wonderful Florabotanica. One in my top 10!
Also, I made my 1st eBay sale last week and also figured out the Market Place, which is a big deal for me!
this is not to be mistaken forma sales post…Just proud of myself for doing the work to get started!
**My husband got me a new iPad but the screen is terrible. I think it was a return. Anyway, pardon my poor “typing.” I’m doing my best on this thing. Sigh.
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Apr 27, 2006
Hello everyone :) Sotd is Infusion d'iris edp
Edit.... I'm feeling a bit sad and shocked right now. I was just told that a former patient at my job, but also an acquaitance of the bf has died. Most likely a suicide :( This makes me sad because it really looked like he was doing better the last time I met him. Oh well.... Sotd is still Infusion d'iris since it's Monday


Be Here. Now.
Basenotes Plus
Dec 31, 2006
foxbins - did you buy Hermessence Cedre Sambac in Chicago, when we met? I can't remember... ALSO thank you so much for posting the Quarry School You Tube video. I started to watch it and then I saw Joy in the first shot & I had to turn it off. I started to feel tears right away. I need a little more time. I miss her dearly. Sigh

ineespenes - hugs for the sad news from earlier. I hope you are doing better.

I wore this today - loved it. I forget I own it (the bottle is pushed all the way to the back of my wardrobe).

L'Arbre by IUNX


It's such a simple wood smell but it smells like Giacobetti had to do a lot of restraint to get it to smell like this. For the first few minutes, it smells like Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur - it makes me smile.
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