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What music are you wearing these days?


Apr 28, 2022
I am a huge fan of classical music but these days taking it very easy and enjoying the silence and peacefulness
Next week i will have my appointment with the ear wax removal doctor and will be able to enjoy the music to the fullest again.
Will be doing this procedure for the first time in my life and honestly have no idea what to expect.
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Alex F.

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Nov 29, 2019
I love/hate posts like this, because they make me go obsessive. So many possible answers. So many favourite songs. Some of them I'd like to share, some of them I'm sure most of you know, some of them are just guilty pleasures...
My taste in music is quite diverse, as is my taste in perfumes. I'm not going to limit myself to some current favourites in popular music here, partially taking up suggestions in previous posts:

Bryan Adams - Somebody [because I love the 80s]
... Foreigner - Say You Will
Faber - Wem du's heute kannst besorgen [great song, very sarcastic lyrics]
... Patent Ochsner - Vohinger und vovor [if you want Swiss music with Swiss German lyrics]
Haerts - The Way [All The Days, Hemiplegia, Shivering, Wings, ..., great songs]
K.Flay - Raw Raw [Boom! Tops my former favourite Blood In The Cut]
Black Honey - All My Pride [or Up Against It]
... Tegan And Sara - More For Me
Kiss - Almost Human [great song foreshadowing QOTSA]
... Queens of the Stone Age - Auto Pilot
Santigold/Santogold - Say Aha
... Joy Crookes - Kingdom
Scaramouche - Milena
... Stranglers - Midnight Summer Dream
... Greg Kihn Band - Remember
That Handsome Devil - Wintergreen [crazy band, Viva Discordia's even weirder]
... Atomic Fireballs - Man With The Hex


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Feb 8, 2017
These days, mostly Acqua di Parma Colonia. Perfect for late spring and summer.


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Jan 27, 2023
Lately a lot of drum & bass/UK garage type stuff, and stuff on Hit + Run Records out of Los Angeles; fantastic label with lots of underground hip hop and other music. But I basically listen to everything except country music, which, if I had to assign a smell to, would be some hideous accord of dihydromyrcenol, ethyl maltol, civet, and oud. :ROFLMAO:

I also wear a lot of band/music t-shirts.

And I forgot I can actually wear Music by Faberge, found at a thrift shop. Smells a little bit old, but still mostly in tact.

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