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Vintages I Bought - 2023


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Sep 28, 2015
That time of the year folks.
Wish you all a Happy New Year. Hope this year is way better than the last.

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I don't think we bought a lot in 2022 as a group. Or if we did we did not post :)
@PStoller seems to have slowed down. But the good news is we have young ones ( @Jean-Sté, @WarmJewel, @Z_LiDs,@Martialisaragon ) and new old-timers(@Proust_Madeleine, @Couronne de Violette, @nosey74 ) picking up the slack.
I am hoping 2023 will be the year we get to meet in person like we used to ( here, here and here). I scoped out Saks yesterday and they have new counters for Etat and Goutal - hope that is good enough reason to make a trip to NYC.
And here are a few purchases to start the new year.
I think I choose the right background for these minis :)



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Oct 5, 2022
Thank you @epapsiou for this thread.

I thought I would do a very brief synopsis of my favourites, bargains and least favourite buys from the last year.

Compiling this has not been easy. It's never easy to single out favourites out of so many. But here would be my list:


Most liked purchase
Chanel - Pour Monsieur, Eau de Toilette, 100ml. 1978.

Tough, really tough to single out the one purchase I made this year that I like the most out of all of them. This was an early purchase that has probably given me the most pleasure out of them all. This vintage from 1978 is so special, I find it incredibly hard not to reach for this one every single day! I could quite happily wear this every day as my signature fragrance I like it that much.


Most liked blind buy
Carven - Monsieur Carven

I was quite taken aback by how lovely this is. I wasn't sure at first because I dislike animalic notes and the musk/civet in this produces an animalic note at the beginning, fortunately it fades fairly quickly into an almost Chanel Pour Monsieur Chypre with a cinnamon twist, quite beautiful. Definitely my favourite blind buy of the year.


Best bargain, bang-for-buck
Escada Pour Homme

Tricky this one as I picked up three candidates that all cost less then a tenner. Escada Pour Homme, After Shave, Azarro Pour Homme Aftershave and Nicole Miller for Men Eau de Toilette. But the winner has to be the Escada which was exceptional value for money.


Least impressed with
Worth - Monsieur Worth

Couple of candiates here. Worth - Monsieur Worth and Dunhill - Dunhill for Men. I don't dislike either of them but neither do they fill me with desire and excitement when I think about wearing them.
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Jul 1, 2011
I don't think we bought a lot in 2022 as a group. Or if we did we did not post :)
@PStoller seems to have slowed down. But the good news is we have young ones ( @Jean-Sté, @WarmJewel, @Z_LiDs,@Martialisaragon ) and new old-timers(@Proust_Madeleine, @Couronne de Violette, @nosey74 ) picking up the slack.
I've pretty much got all my backups squared away, no new fragrances to the collection either. I can sit back and watch everyone build their vintage collections... I guess for me that's part of happy retirement.


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Basenotes Plus
Oct 14, 2015
@epapsiou Just before the end of the year, I purchased a Bugatti body splash like the one that you had which broke and filled the house with amazing aroma. But it won’t arrive until likely the end of the week. Maybe I could count that as my first vintage of ‘23? Total blind but too as I’ve never sniffed Ettore Bugatti.

At any rate, in ‘23 I’ll be doing a mixture of downsizing my current bottle count and focusing more on acquiring only things that are top shelf for my tastes. I’ve got a lot of stuff that never gets worn and I’m really not interested in having a comprehensive collection just to say I have one. Far better for me to focus on what I like best from certain houses and perhaps some backups. I’ve never sold any fragrance before (just buying and/swapping) but I suspect I’ll have to put some items to market in the long run. Time will tell.


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Oct 25, 2007
Starting the year with a bang:


Creed - Orange Spice


Escada pour Homme


Frédéric Malle - French Lover
Well done!