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Vintage SOTD Thread for May 2023

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Jan 30, 2019
Is anyone else having a problem with image links in posts just showing up as image file names instead of the whole graphic image? Like this: TextString.jpg.

I can't tell if it's my browser's security settings freaking out over third-party image links, or if it's somehow related to the Basenotes server's massive slowdown problems (which has been even worse than usual yesterday and today).
I haven't had that image link/file issue on my end, desktop nor iPhone. However, the slowdown - yes.


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Aug 25, 2015


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Basenotes Plus
Jul 9, 2021
Arrogance pour Homme EDP (original) (1982)
(Aaarrrghhh, this is beastly! It's just that much richer, darker, spicier and more animalic than the quite respectable 2000 reissue. The note listings reflect the greater diversity of ingredients between the older and newer versions with both castoreum and civet appearing in the base of the original and neither in the 2000 version. That doesn't mean they're not in there I suppose but I feel a flimsier base in the newer version. The opening of the original seems spicier and lists artemisia while that note is absent in the listing for the newer. Rose is also noticable and listed in the original but not the newer. Ultimately though both are quite serviceable, loaded with oakmoss and a rough and ready patchouli unlike any I've smelled though close to some.
Arrogance pour Homme in general is a spicy, leathery, animalic and smoky patchouli bomb no matter which version. I am curious (yellow)
to sample the original 1982 EDT at some point just to cover my bases. I'm sure it too is a beautiful beast!)

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Without having tried the edp, I am affirmivative with the vintage edt being more complex. An early '90s Schiaparelli-Pikenz splash bottle is evocative of green leather and the difference from later versions is clearly notable in the base and late drydown, with great longevity and persistence. A travel spray from the same era, gives me a whiff of cumin and fresh B.O. My R.P. Denis bottle is more honeyed.


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May 5, 2021
Zino Davidoff by Davidoff (1986)
(Ok here's a weird, vivid memory based on scent.
I clearly recall buying a bottle of Zino in 1987 and opening it up in my room at our then home in Oak Brook, Illinois. A home my late, great uncle had designed and built for us a couple years earlier. A house we only lived in for a couple years.
That's another story.
This is the last house I lived in with my parents and brother and sister as I'd reached the age when all young people strike out on their own. Anyhow I recall my first application of Zino, quite liking it and playing on my stereo a few notches too loud was "Don't You Ever Leave Me" by the underrated Diamond Head.
It's not the best track on the record and as memories go there were far more momentous occasions in my life whose memories are far less vivid than this. Funny how memories work but it does seem scent is a major component in at least some of them.)

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