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Vintage SOTD Thread for June 2023

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Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Oct 14, 2015
I was waiting damn near a year for Kouros Day! 🤣
Sorry, I forgot to follow up but I did end up wearing Kouros from an old 1st edition sample sent to me long ago by @cytherian. It’s a sample that I treasure, and it only comes out on very rare occasion. Literally, once a year for Kouros Day. If I keep the wearings to no more than 1-2 daps, I’m guessing that I would have about 5 years left to what he sent me. As I type that, I realize I’m going to need to switch using it to once every 3 years and then hold on to the last little bit to one day tell grandchildren about.

Ali AD

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Nov 26, 2017
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SOTN: Lancetti Monsieur

Honestly, I was looking for my bottle of McGregor to synch with @Ali AD, but I couldn’t find it in time to finish cooking a late dinner, so I grabbed this off the shelf instead. The Lancetti’s dry herbs and citrus went well enough with shrimp curry, and the sweet patchouli in the base made for a decent dessert (albeit with some “hamster cage” cedar). Pretty good stuff.

Now, where’s that McGregor…

Happy to wear the McGregor again! Just give me a day's heads up 😉


Basenotes Plus
Jan 6, 2012
Not yet in directory, filled out the form..

That's surprising, given what an old perfume Casaque is.

Balmain - Monsieur Balmain, Eau de Toilette.

I need an old bottle of that. Even with all the citruses I own, that feels like a hole in my wardrobe.

Woodhue, Fabergé. 1944.

Did you find that in Europe, Jean? It seems pretty rare there. Nice large bottle, too. I've gotten burned by so many Woodhue bottles that were spoiled.


I’m not old, I’m vintage.
Basenotes Plus
Aug 1, 2019
Not yet in directory, filled out the form.
That's surprising, given what an old perfume Casaque is.

It’s there, but the house is listed as Orlane rather than Jean d’Albret. Those are actually the same house: Orlane was founded in 1946 as a cosmetics company, with Jean d’Albret as its perfumery division.



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Oct 25, 2007
SOTE: Programme Homme by Lancome



Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jan 1, 2021
Did you find that in Europe, Jean? It seems pretty rare there. Nice large bottle, too. I've gotten burned by so many Woodhue bottles that were spoiled.
It came from Spain or Italy. I can't recall for sure which of them, but I'm sure it was from one or the other. I don't think mine is spoiled, because I can smell several notes (and I'm very far from good at this game), and longevity is nice, too.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Jun 4, 2022
Molinard Sketch from a sample from a kind BNer. To me this starts out as a green citrus (with a bit of the bitter pith included) and geranium cologne but then it quickly grows more complex and adds a longer lasting base. I'm in drydown now and I think I'm getting a dusting of vanilla with sandalwood.... I'm at least 6.5 - 7.5 hours in and it is a skin scent at this point.... but not too shabby at all for a cologne adjacent creation. When you want a cologne but you don't want to reapply in 2 hours.....

It's as if you take a your summer vacation shack (the eau), add a cottage garden with herbs (middle) and build on to make it a proper vacation cottage with fireplace (vanilla and sandalwood).

This is really interesting and different - I'm grateful to have gotten to try it. Next time I try it I will try to figure out more about the middle notes.

Varanis Ridari

The Scented Devil
Basenotes Plus
Oct 17, 2012

Carlo Pignatelli Eau de Toilette by Carlo Pignatelli (2002)

While probably not iconic or prolific enough to deserve any significant love here on BN, it is a rather nice alternative to the dusty/powdery Jaïpur pour Homme by Boucheron.

If you generally enjoy that structure, but wish it was smoother, richer, and perhaps even a touch more floral (more noticeable rose here), then grab one of these.

Price isn't an issue, but it is just about extinct in the wild. Same wheelhouse as Romo Uomo By Laura Biagiotti as well, but IMO better blended.

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