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Upcoming releases thread

Nom de Guerre

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Jan 2, 2020
This looks promising. Persolaise on the new Habit Rouge Privé:




Physician, heal thyself
Basenotes Plus
Apr 1, 2019
It should be a sticky thread. Wasn't that the case a while ago, before the re-design? In any case, that thread was quite up-to-date but full of stuff that I had no interest in – many redundant designer releases and middle-east oddities.
I really like this thread, it's like going to the cinema and watching the adverts for upcoming films before the film yiu're there to see begins: bitesized hits of dopamine for the virtual fragrance enthusiast. 😄

It would be nice if it could be made in to a sticky thread.

Saturday might be the least appealing fragrance release I've seen in ages. Strawberry, salt and leather in a masculine fragrance :oops:

I know you want to promote your blog with the links but, personally speaking, I find the format of posting larger images of the bottles and listing the notes in the post itself more useful. I'm not asking you to remove the link to your blog, but if possible (and to encourage others to add to the thread as well), it seems like posting the details in the post itself rather than linking away from basenotes should be the way we do it?

I'm not a mod, it's just an opinion based on what I think is useful/interesting. I'm mostly not going to click on an external blog link but would still like to have a good look at the bottle/note list of upcoming fragrances.


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Oct 25, 2007

Nom de Guerre

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Jan 2, 2020
Just saw that James Heeley has released a new cologne called Cologne Officinale in EDP Extra (whatever that means) concentration.


"This fragrance embodies the essence of a Mediterranean seascape. It blends aromatic herbs such as lavender, rosemary and sage with dry woods, oakmoss and oriental amber, creating a fusion of Provence and the vibrancy of the Orient in Marseille. The fragrance also contains the recognisable notes of "Savon de Marseille" or "Hammam", evoking physical well-being, cleanliness and care.

Reminiscent of the perfumes of the 1970s, the fragrance was inspired by Olivier Amsellem, a photographer and owner of the fashion and design shop "Jogging", which captures contemporary life in Marseille."


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