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Synchronized Fridays 2023


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May 29, 2021
Pre-synced with Parfum d’Empire’s Wazamba - which is a resinous, dripping tree sap kind of incense bomb, but made fun and weirdly playful by the addition of a heavy dose of fruit - bright red apple and plum, with the apple note in particular sitting there loud and proud for the whole wear. One of my recent favorites, even if my wife thinks it smells like “baby powder at an old age home”. (Sometimes I worry about her nose!)


It smells so good in here
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Aug 20, 2009
Lots of winter sunshine here today after a very dull and rainy day yesterday. I'm wearing Vaniflora Natural Perfume Oil by Aromantik (Aussie brand). It's a happy and fun tropical vanilla scent. Tahitian vanilla and tonka bean with pear, coconut, ylang ylang and sandalwood with a hint of spice.


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Oct 14, 2015
I think bright and easy going citrus for this sync. And I got one I've applied with a smile many times - Eau Sauvage.



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Jul 16, 2004
After a long think, I picked one.

Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours by Guerlain

I bought this on its release as it was one of the first of the Aqua Allegoria range and as a lavender lover I clearly remember the first sniff. Now, lavender is support to be relaxing but not for me, I get a euphoric feeling. The first time I sniffed it, I actually had the most happy high feeling the mix of instance hit of lavender and then violet. I have kept it like a secret treasure, as it was discontinued really quickly, well in my opinion.


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Jan 3, 2019
I started early yesterday with a scent that does not smell very carefree, but it does smell happy and brings joy with its lush and sweet, almost jammy floralcy - a very sultry jasmine scent by Serge Lutens, called Fils de Joie - The Son of Joy - and I find the name very fitting!
I am working from home today, so it was an easy pick for yesterday's evening, because apparently I have to be a little bit careful with wearing this, as while it starts out with pretty and delicious flowers, it can come across a little bit pissy to me in the deep drydown, and let me tell you, this perfume STAYS on skin and hair. I have showered and washed my hair in the morning and put on my joyful scent of the day afterwards, but I still can get some jasmin-y whiffs from time to time! I do love this scent, especially the opening, but I do not dare to impose it on my poor colleagues and friends! May this one be my personal joy, okay?

And today, and today - what's the best way to celebrate the Synch for happy, frivolous and carefree scents than something that I have always felt was my most happy perfume of them all?
And that one, ladies and gentlemen, is no other than Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic by Guerlain. It just smells so happy and bright and happy and sunny and energetic and sparkling and also gentle - just lots of sweet yet refreshing mandarin, a tiniest hint of basil and tea. I love the recent flankers, too, but this one is just happiest of them all to me, no changes needed!

@ineespenes - I do have a bottle of Lolita Lempicka's Oh Ma Biche, too (and it's actually my SECOND bottle, I finished the first one too quickly by spraying it everywhere around and then kept remembering it until I just went and rebought it!) - and I also think of it as a very happy perfume! It's quite simplistic and girly, very fruity and it really smells a lot like a bellini cocktail does (sparkling wine and peaches), it's just joyful and fun and carefree to the max :) I most often wear it at home after an evening shower, it's just such a great pick me up, and it actually has some great staying power, I smell it in the morning, too :)

@FiveoaksBouquet - Ooooh, you have chosen one of my favourites and another one of my happiest scents! I ADORE La danza delle Libellule by Nobile 1942! It's sweet and dessert-like, and it's also a little bit soapy, a little bit fluffy and very transparent and airy, and it makes it a super wearable gourmand, and it just feels FESTIVE to me. It has fresh apple, cinnamon, vanilla and very light musk, and wearing it feels like sitting on a happy cloud to me.
I think I might join your dance with this one for the evening! ;)
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I smell something…
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Jun 19, 2005
I chose Jo Malone Wild Bluebell. A lilting floral with dewy fruits and the freshness of cut grass, it’s utterly charming and natural smelling. It seems made for early spring days but with its relaxed, playful character, it’s also a perfect summer pick. I could even see reaching for this in the depths of winter for a scented promise that milder days are coming.


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Jan 3, 2019
Alice, I hope it won’t lessen your joy to know that Fils de joie is also a play on words (on “fille de joie”) 😉
That's actually very cool to know, thank you!
Is fille de joie, a girl of joy, referring to a certain profession, too?
That would explain why it smells so sweet and alluring, yet gets rather dirty in the end!


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Aug 20, 2018
Eventually synching with Still Life (Olfactive Studio)... it had to be this one !
My first niche... I'm halfway through the bottle and it never failed to give me happy/sunny vibes with its yuzu & rhum notes. 🍋🥃
I'll have to look for a backup ASAP 😁


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Jan 6, 2012
There's no question that the most frivolous scent in my collection is Vaninger by Oliver & Co. It's almost childlike in its giddy, carefree, ginger-vanilla fizziness, and it always makes me smile. But I think that the perfumes that make me most consistently happy are fruit scents -- when handled properly.

Not the fruits of the saccharine fruity/floral variety that have been dished out by the tanker-full in the past 20 years, but fruits that actually resemble their edible counterparts. Most specifically the mature melon that Roudnitska made his signature, and the astringent apricot that we get in osmanthus scents.

Cuir de Chine by Les Indémodables


When you crush real osmanthus flowers in your hand, they smell like pulpy apricot, dried black tea leaves, and fawn-colored suede. That right there makes me truly happy -- not in a giddy way, but in a dreamy one.


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Dec 7, 2013
For the evening I switched to a frivolous, wicked, naughty, carefree, sensual, very feminine scent:
Fifi Chachnil Eau de Parfum (2004), perfumer is Jean Guichard. From their website:
Fifi fragrance is an unconventional perfume of intense femininity, with all the contradictions it implies: fancy and subtlety, deep notes almost masculine, insolence and tenderness.
It starts lightly on the spicy notes of citrus fruits and coriander, mixed to the powdered sweetness of rose. Amber brings its oriental harmony, spiced up insolently by tobacco leaves."
FIFI_Chachnil -pompe_2019.jpg


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