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Synchronized Fridays 2023


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Oct 14, 2015
Today I picked an old time favorite of mine which I never wear day time otherwise:


Dior Homme Intense. A 5/5 for me


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Dec 7, 2013
Today is a beautiful spring day. The sun has chased away the winter weather. If it had stayed cold, I would have worn Ambra Aurea by Profumum Roma as the perfect scent. I also love vintage Cabochard, which I perceive as green chypre. In order to do justice to the Synchronized Fridays thread and the sunny weather, I made a lukewarm compromise and wear Galimar by Galimard. Its notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla are "brown" enough to be appropriate for the thread.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Aug 20, 2018
I own lots of fragrances that evoke the colors gold or brown when I wear them and I have been considering various options such as Ombre Noire (Lalique) ; Chambre Noire & Woody Mood (Olfactive Studio), Baraonda & Pardon (Nasomatto), Tobacco Reserve (Aramis)...

In the end, I decided to pick a fragrance whose color really captivated me a few weeks ago... the bottle is half empty and the liquid darkened over time... turning it into a deep gold. I also find the smell totally matches the color ! 😁

Synching with Eau Sauvage Parfum (2012)



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Jan 6, 2012
Congratulations to our Southern Hemispherians. I wish we were just coming into autumn, as you are. It's the best time of the year.

A rich golden brown combined with black is my very favorite color combination in nature. To wit:


It's a color combination I like in clothing as well as perfumes, and personifies autumn to me. For its golden qualities, I'm wearing vintage Femme by Rochas today, the Edmond Roudnitska scent from 1944. I'm not sure why it seems golden to me, except that the juice is a dark gold-orange color. The scent itself is a plummy chypre, with the black represented by leather and benzoin in its base.


Interesting, lots of talk of Cabochard here, and that thing seems green/grey to me instead of brown!

Must agree with you there. Cabochard is all muted greens and greys to me -- an ashy grey and an olive green.


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Jun 1, 2022
I love the sync and your choices are all wonderful, congrats!
Cabochard is forever associated with the lush spices and tobacco that my mother's skin radiated when wearing it, blending with the smoke of her "cigarettes blondes". So it's definitely gold and brown to me. I suppose that, when I'm wearing it, I feel safe and loved. Only perfume of my mother's that I can wear without feeling too emotional because I wore it before she passed away.


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Nov 20, 2017
Hermes Equipage (vtg). Spiced, aromatic, floral (ahhhh, that carnation), leathery, woody. All superbly blended. Perfection.
MCing this evening; might just reapply this. Ambers like Grand Soir, Amber Absolute, or Ambre Sultan, or even DHI, are likely to be too thick.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Oct 10, 2006
Interesting, lots of talk of Cabochard here, and that thing seems green/grey to me instead of brown! Combine that with patchouli being probably the brownest thing in perfumery to me (I learned a few weeks ago that some of you find it actually green!) and I guess I have a bad sense of colour in my nose. :D

I think colour associations are all quite personal, and I recall when I first started wearing Cabochard decades ago, I thought of grey too (though not green). There was something dry, possibly mineral, about 90s Cabochard which made me think of rocks. But then I started collecting vintage bottles of Cabochard, and it smells more brown to me now.

A lot of notes are brown to me which seem to be green to others: oakmoss feels deep brown, while vetiver feels light brown.

So Mitsouko was to me the perfect sync for today; the deep brown of oakmoss paired with golden notes of bergamot and peach aldehyde.

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