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Symrise Smoked Tea accord


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Today arrived a sample set of things based around Mintonat. Included was this Smoky Tea Accord that uses Mintonat, and a premixed dilution was sent too of the accord which could be tried and sniffed immediately.

Symrise Smoked Tea accord

100 Mintonat
7 Mate Superessence (Symrise Prod # 142048)
28 Damascenone 10%
443 Hedione
140 Ionone Beta
7 Clove Leaf oil
14 Tabanon 1% (Symrise Prod# 103229)
170 Iso E Super
21 Guaiacwood oil
70 DPG


Symrise Notes: "Smoked Tea is a Chinese specialty. It is created out of black tea leaves which are traditionally smoke dried over pinewood fires. Thus is gets a distinctive smoky flavor. This accord captures the theme of smoked tea in a very short formula."

Paul Kiler's Notes: This seems to try to mimic a Lapsang Souchong type of tea. It's in the "Smoky Tea" area, but not a clone of Lapsang Souchong tea. If that was what you were after, you could also try to add a tiniy bit of diluted real Lapsang Souchong tea extraction, as is available from White Lotus. Also, personally, I think that the Tabanon is dosed a bit too high. Maybe it is my own sensitivity to Tabanon, which recently took over one of my recent formulations, and declared itself KING of my fragrance (Zaffran), but still, I think it could go down again from this level. I've not had to make this formula, as it was sent to me in the package, as a finished and diluted sample that is wearable/smellable. Lastly, I'm not sure that the DPG is integral to the formula, and may possibly be left out. But this base also gives you a ballpark formula for "Tea", nonetheless... Just take out the Guaiacwood and the Tabanon. "TEA" has been on my list of how to figure it out for years now, and I'm glad to have a starting point, better than I've had.

Added after wearing the sample today: It seems that much of the character of the scent is indeed the Tabanon, as made per formula. This would not be my choice for a Tea formula, as written.
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