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Short Review of Le Labo Neroli 36

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Neroli 36 was released in 2006 by Le Labo and the perfumer is Daphne Bugey. Le Labo's blurb for Neroli 36:

Neroli is another name for the essence of orange blossom. The unique quality of our Neroli is its sunny floral character with an extraordinarily warm, sensual base. Rose, musk, mandarin orange (slightly aldehydic), jasmine, and vanilla, among other essences, complete the portrait, bringing NEROLI 36 spikiness, ease, zest, and heat… Well-being, elegance, and charm all in a bottle!

I'll be honest I really do enjoy Le Labo's blurbs; they're fun to read. Turin described this in Perfumes: The Guide (2008) as a "pale floral" and "vivid". I was intrigued by the favorable review of Neroli 36 because of the very negative reviews of the house's other offerings in the book, namely Rose 31 and Jasmin 17 ("crap jasmine"). Also, I thoroughly enjoyed Victor Wong's (founder of Zoologist) short blog post about this perfume and recommend the blog: Victor Wong Life with Perfumes

My 15ml and sample :' )

When I first sprayed this on my skin I was once again bamboozled by the names Le Labo gives to their perfumes. Neroli 36 is a soapy, citrusy, metallic jasmine with a touch of fizziness, and a powdery clean finish. The classic refreshment of neroli isn't anywhere to be found.

There's definitely a marine feel to this perfume but it feels more powdery, dry, and clean to me. I've read Fragrantica reviews that describe the fragrance as a very expensive sunscreen and I do agree. Imagine a jasmine garden next to a cliff overlooking the ocean on a cloudy, wet day and there's a rusty steel bucket rusting away with a few oranges inside.

I honestly wish I got more metallic sharpness than powder but it might be my skin; the perfume is sharper on fabric to my nose. It's a pretty fragrance and a little meloncholic rather than sensual, and much more jasmine than anticipated. Definitely an interesting perfume and worth smelling. Perfect for hot days or cold cloudy days at the beach.

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