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Possible ideas for DIY Forum - input needed!


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Sep 29, 2000
Hi all

One of the issues that comes up here is that there is a wealth of information here but it's not always easily found. I'm going to propose three ideas and I'd like your feedback if possible :)


There is a paid add-on someone has created for this forum software called Wikiposts. The idea is that like Wikipedia, the first post in a thread can be edited by anyone (or anyone with the permissions we decide - maybe they need X posts on the DIY forum to be able to do so). With this we could create a sort of Knowledge-base of the information held within this forum - so there could be posts such as:
  • Simple Formulas
  • Where to buy materials
  • Where to buy equipment
  • Common Mistakes
  • Frequently Asked Questions
Members with authorisation would be able to add to the first post in these threads, perhaps linking to other threads for more information

NotePad Forum​

This suggestion hinges on the one above

If we do the above suggestion - we could also make the NotePad forum a WikiPost forum so that pertinent information about each ingredient can all be kept in the first post.

Question Post​

This software has the ability (which is currently turned off) to add a new post-type in the form of a question. Responses can be voted for, and a response can be chosen as the 'correct' or 'best' answer - I've not turned this on yet as for 90% of the forum, it probably wouldn't be any use -- ie, there isn't a 'correct' answer for "What is the best batch of Aventus" -- but it might be more useful in here for questions like "How much water shall I put in my perfume?"



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Apr 25, 2007
Wikiposts is a good idea. Two classes of "mods" are needed: Editors and Librarians (I think the names are self-explanatory). The first would focus on content and accuracy; the second, on keeping things orderly and providing access to/between information (indexing is a powerful tool) -- links, etc. Also, an additional category of posts: KP&S (Known Problems & Solutions) which proved invaluable in Unix/Linux OS release notes, and would be equally valuable in this context.

NotePad Forum is also a good idea. Again, it's an excellent vehicle for gathering input, but equally requires Editors and Librarians, for same/similar functions.

Question Post is a double-edged sword: OTOH, it can be the most-quickly responsive; OTOH, without "oversight" it can become Reddit-like (the Dark Side, not the "Lightworkers").

Eric Anthony

Long Time Lurker
Dec 26, 2020
I religiously hoard every formula ever posted here and database them.
I also organize most if not everything said by those who have some form of subject expertise.

It's just so important that we preserve the knowledge and ideas here, else they be lost. We desperately need something and your forum is one of the de facto modern resources.

I've gotten very close to making a wiki myself as it would be INVALUABLE to a beginner but have been apprehensive as it would take partnerships with several other sites and acceptance by key players and I don't want to step on anyone's toes with their intellectual property.

If we were able to create a repository of information like a wiki, I would like to volunteer my collection of notes and formula as well as technical expertise. I've been working with networking and information exchange for over a decade; what I lack in perfuming I make up for in IT related fields.


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Feb 18, 2018
So I am not familiar with wikis, all the ideas sound great- I think that with attention the diy side could become even better- but also a true resource , which could draw a lot more traffic.
How would it work, in terms of interface?
I would love formulas, retailers, and material info in easily found and current.
The idea of answers to questions- would have to be moderated by one of the diy members, who really did know which answer to pick- but sometimes its more a work in progress, or we get a member who actually has new prospective to add, or there are several helpful prospectives etc
I have no issue with mods, and I really love bavard, he is more than helpful but I would like a mod that is diy based-there are nuances here that aren’t on the other side, and I think they could be nipped in the bud if dealt with early on. Some one who is diy spots them immediately.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 13, 2020
While there is value to wiki-type materials, collecting vast amounts of information into a repository doesn't really help new perfumers sift through it. The existence of such a repository also can increase the temptation to just shout RTFM! every time someone new shows up asking the same same questions. The enormous value add of this forum to new perfumers is the direct detailed personal responses that new perfumers almost always receive when they arrive here with questions. Finally, the last thing we need here is argumentation over the authoritative answers to questions & the authoritative content of a wiki. My opinion is that this would be a lot of initial effort, a lot of ongoing effort, not much benefit, and some significant potential adverse impacts.


New member
Feb 17, 2022
It's interesting, but as someone relatively new, some wikis made collaboratively by trusted users of this forum (I mean people who have knowledge, expertise, and the ability to communicate that in beginner talk) with basic information would be absolutely wonderful.

I also like the idea where people could collaborate and compare notes on formulas in an interactive way. For example, discussing variations on the Grosjman Accord.

Long term, a user-friendly catalogue of ingredients a la TGSC, but simplified and focused on the basics (notes, scent family, similar ingredients, IFRA/Safety info) would be a dream come true.

I see a lot of potential for a wiki-like aspect here. As long as you vet your contributors fairly. Coming from the perspective of a neophyte, it could really really be an amazing source of accessible basic knowledge.


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Feb 18, 2018
I love the idea of notes on materials, a lot, also any repos of formulas is fantastic- if only to see. I hate to say it but tgsc was a passion project- and I hope that legacy is forever, this is legacy stuff absolutely, and don’t think it would hurt to see if the boat floats.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Feb 8, 2021
I love these ideas. My response to those who are wary of authoritative documents (and potentially arguing about them, or having them serve as distractions to newbies) is that:
  1. Wikis are by nature, like forums, collaborative. They are living repositories that are edited in an ongoing manner. No need to worry about who has final say because there is no final say. Authority is only as good as the newest knowledge.
  2. I think being concerned with other people's modalities of learning is a red herring. People learn different ways — trying to tell people: "no, you're wasting your time learning the way you learn, learn my way instead," is a waste of breath. Even though we may cast ourselves as saving others from expensive folly, in practice we're just gatekeeping. If people want to buy materials to make mud and learn that way, well, it's just another form of trial and error, isn't it.
As is, people asking questions are often pointed to older threads, or told to search, in addition to receiving new answers. I don't see how a wiki will change that, except it will be more organized and easily understood when people are pointed to it.

I've a bunch of bookmarks to existing discussions re: specific accords and formulas that have been mentioned in the forum that I'd be happy to share. I'm also down to help organize in general.
Nov 25, 2020
I love all of these ideas. I do have to say... I quite enjoy the "hunt" for information too that is inherent to the site as-is. I've landed on many pages that have been deeply helpful.


New member
Dec 11, 2016
I took a quick look at the wiki. It's nice but would be fantastic if people added things like how to use the material, what dilutions they use (and how to dilute sometimes). Cool effects they discovered etc.
I will try to do this myself on occasion but am rather busy at the moment.
Anyway, great job!


Staff member
Sep 29, 2000
I took a quick look at the wiki. It's nice but would be fantastic if people added things like how to use the material, what dilutions they use (and how to dilute sometimes). Cool effects they discovered etc.
I will try to do this myself on occasion but am rather busy at the moment.
Anyway, great job!
Is it ok to add such info?
Yes, if you have access to the edit button on the first post, feel free to edit

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