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New to Face SkinCare Routine


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Nov 5, 2010
Male early 30s decided to start taking care of my skin to prevent further aging. I just grabbed Kiehls ultra cleanser facial cream and The Body shops vitamin c moisturzer. I'm also looking for recommendation for a good sun screen, an eye care cream and possibly an anti aging serum.

I think im going to go for La Roche Posay for those products cause i can easily find them in Europe from local drug stores.

What do you think of these La Roche Products

Eye Cream- Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour or Substiane + Yeux
Snscreen- La Roche Anthelios XL Anti shine dry touch
Anti Aging Serum- La Roche Redermic Retinol Anti Aging

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Any of the L’Oreal line will share sunscreen technology among its brands outside of the USA. Europe & Australasia have the most up-to-date sunblock, USA lags about 20-30 years behind. Based on where you live I’d look for tetrinoin cream and Skinoren (azelaic 15%) since they are available over the counter for a good price. Here in USA these are prescription only drugs.

You have a wealth of options for sunscreen in Europe—good ones. But if you want some Japanese brands YesStyle is a reliable vendor for Skin Aqua UV, Canmake Mermaid, Biore. Japanese sunscreens are mainly formulas for incidental exposure meaning high sun protection factor but the base formula is not very resilient because they’re made to be cosmetically elegant. For more durable coverage I might consider an Australian brand like Ultraceuticals or one of the many Australian retail brands available through Chemist Direct and Chemist Warehouse.


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Jan 26, 2022
What kind of skin do you have? Meaning dry, oily or combination. (Normal skin is NOT normal.)

ETA: Wow, this is an old, long-ignored thread. The poor OP probably died of neglect.