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Looking to Augment Designer Fragrance - Adding more Apple to Verace Eros

Adeptus Ignoratas

New member
May 30, 2023
Hello all.

I recently received a large bottle of Versace Eros. While I think it is okay, I was a bit disappointed that the fruity citrus/apple notes (and to some extent the mint as well) seemed so weak in comparison to the vanilla/tonka.

I was thinking about trying to experiment with some ingredients from The Perfumers Apprentice and add some additional apple notes with some travel sprayers I have (like filling up the 8ml sprayer and adding a small drop of apple scent). I read this post https://basenotes.com/threads/can-you-add-fragrance-essential-oil-to-a-cologne.323496/ suggesting diluting any sort of oil in ethanol and layering it over existing fragrances, which I am open to if need be, but was hoping to avoid spraying multiple things over each other if possible.

In looking on The Perfumers Apprentice website, I see 3 potential products: "Apple Essence (Natural)", "Green Apple Fragrance Oil", and "Red Apple - Key Accord."

I was wondering if anyone with any experience with any of these products (or their constituents) might have any advice on which of these would be best suited for enhancing the apple note in Versace Eros (I'm obviously extremely new at this lol).


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Hi, just working on a few assumptions, I would probably pick the red apple key accord or the apple natural, but not the green. I would suggest to buy a bit of both to see which you might like better.

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