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[ISO] lvnea - Black Sea || Russian Oud Russian Musk 1 - Areej Le Dore


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 27, 2021

Lvnea Black Sea is one of my favorites from the house. The real shame is that I never notice any of her perfumes on marketplaces to catch people selling them. Black Sea is my favorite out of her releases. The real shame is I had a 20ml but… one of the slight down falls is that if it store on its side the oil slowly seeps out…

Russian Oud by Areej Le Dore is a white whale. I almost caught it on mercari and wish I had joined sooner lol… though I’m not in despair agar de noir is pretty close.
I’m also looking for Russian musk 1, I have the attar and can live without it, but there is something magical about it. Siberian Musk 2 is very identical but it’s missing that tonka bean and spicyness l.
Just hoping for that private collector to bestow pity on this pitiful perfume noob 😭

I also welcome alternatives! I know for example Mriga Prin is close to Siberian musk 2 but not many perfumers use animal ingredients because we’re hunting this planet into extinction like oud lol..

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