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Indian manufacturers essencial oils and absolutes


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Sep 19, 2022
So Ive been trying to source Essential oils and absolutes to start playing and create natural perfumes and as I´ve stated in a previous post, I cant believe how hard it is to source product that is legitimate, risk free and it is what they claim to be. So anyway, I´ve read previous posts about mostly Indian sites such as natureinbottle (which I was very excited to find because I was surprised at how "well" they were priced, but thanks to some of you guys I found out it is a complete scam.
However, there other Indian companies that apparently are some of the "top" exporters worlwide of EO and absolutes and wanted to share with you and see what you think and if you have ordered from them. This site I am posting screenshots of show what companies export or import EO and fragrance worlwide and so the first screenshot shows the top 3 suppliers when search under the hs code (33 for EO, fragrance oils, etc.) and the second image is when searched under EO. This site cites Givaudan, IFF and Firmenich as the top 3 worldwide buyers of EO so I think they may be right in their rankings. Katyani appears twice as a top 3 supplier and I visited their site, which is shit tbh because you have to inquire pricing of each ingredient. I contacted them and asked for one price only, pink lotus absolute @2450usd/kilo, which seems reasonable (i.e, not a scam like natureinbottle which is listed at 400/kilo. Also, through importyeti, third photo, I found out that katyani is a vendor for liberty natural and for essential natural oils, both US based wholesalers and which seem to be legit and not a scam. I then visited aromaaz, 2nd top supplier according to this site, and it is a much better site because it gives you prices and in comparison, the same pink lotus absolute is listed @ 4k/kilo, almost twice as much. The only thing that threw me off was that through this same site (first 2 pics) they also list Shiva exports as one of the top 3 exporters of EO and while doing research on these forums I found that its been listed as a scam and there is even a thread where one guy is emailing them and they admit to selling "fragrance oils" instead of the listed absolutes and EO, which is a total rip off and scam. so I would completely stay away from them, unless they have since cleaned their act because that thread is old and perhaps administrations might have changed but I doubt it as for the pink lotus, they have 2 different versions, 1 is pink lotus absolute at 1,300/kilo and pink lotus absolute 100% pure and natural at $5500/kilo (note the description, which is key, the cheaper one I believe is a pink lotus absolute "fragrance oil" vs the real natural version.
One thing to keep in mind is that India is a place where labour and salaries are very very low and their natural resources are highly abundant (unlike Europe and US) so it does not surprise me that MAYBE these companies are legit and their prices are competitive because of this. So finally I wanted to ask if any of you have any recent experiences to share about them and if you have bought from them? This is the list:

Katyani Exports (India, manufacturer)
Aromaaz (India, manufacturer)
Shiva Exports (India, manufacturer)
Liberty natural (US based, reseller)
Essentialnaturaloils.com (US based, reseller)

Not mentioned in this conversation, but any thoughts on edenbotanicals? Seems legit but highly overpriced?



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Mar 18, 2023
Hello! I, just like you, are interested in acquiring high-quality essential oils. Can you tell me, please, if there is any information on the question you asked? Have you personally gained experience working with companies on your list?