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how many shoes should a man have?


Oct 27, 2011
if a man had over 20 shoes, some would say that's too many and only a woman should own that many, but that's the same with fragrances. so it doesn't matter what they think. if a guy wants to have 40 shoes, i think that's cool.

then again it is quality over quantity. i'd rather have 1 $250 pair of shoes that look great, feel comfortable, get compliments, last over 10 years, than 10 shoes that I don't like very much.

for me, ideally, i like to have around 16 shoes.

2 athletic shoes for running, training and sports
2 dress shoes for formal events (like weddings or dinner parties)
4 shoes for work, and visiting clients
2 shoes for nice restaurants and nights out at the city
4 casual shoes (for daytime, grocery shopping, laundromat, etc.)
2 winter shoes, boots, for snowy weather (since i live in the north)

what about you?


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
I probably also have around 16-20. But, unlike you, I don't distinguish so much work, clients, and evening, and (in the summer) casual shoes. I do however want to have a few both light summery, and heavy wintery (ie I don't mean winter shoes, but nice, semiformal shoes that have nonetheless a thicker sole and are made of heavier materials). Also a mix of black and browns, plus some summer mocassins or the like in light colors (I live in a relatively warm weather).



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Jan 21, 2006
About 10-20 pairs of formal and semi-formal shoes, about 4-6 pairs of casual/sport ones, 2-3 pairs of winter shoes are more than enough to me- considering my current schedule and habits.


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Jan 29, 2013
10 pairs...

the elements of a gentleman’s wardrobe.
1. HandmadeBrogues : The Shoes Women Love to See Men In
wearing brown brogues with dress pants or jeans
2. Tassel loafers work great with just about any outfit
from casual to something that you would wear on a special occasion (think wedding).
3. Be Different with Monk Strap Shoes
wear double monk-strap shoes with jeans, khakis or chinos.


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Jun 28, 2009
2-3 for sports
2-4 for work
2-4 for formal wear
2-4 for casual wear

Excluding sandals for beachwear, 8-15 pairs sound about right. The more you have to rotate from the longer they last.


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Feb 11, 2011
Holy crap! I've just counted and I've got 20 pairs of shoes! That feels like way too many to me. I kind of feel guilty.

That number includes my beat up lawn mowing shoes, flip flops, mountaineering boots, and hiking boots though, in addition to my dress shoes, casual shoes, and sneakers. I guess if I count my rock climbing shoes the total is 22 pairs. Crazy!


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Dec 21, 2008
As many as he wants! For the last few weeks I've worked with a dude who has the most fabulous shoe collection! I love coming into work and seeing what he's sporting for the day.

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Nov 6, 2012
Hah, noir, you're so concerned with figuring out what all men should do, you must lose sight of the fact that there is no rule. It all completely depends on a person's profession and social context.


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Feb 11, 2011
Not just profession and social environment. Creativity, goals, priorities, morals, preconceptions, superficiality, self-esteem, and many other traits hold influence.

Do what you know is right down deep, even if it's inconvenient, and you will be the man you want to be. Like right now. I should be doing something more productive than hanging out on-line, so I'll man up. Ta-ta.


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Jun 25, 2012
I probably have about 15 pairs or so, but I don't really count. I also don't really advertise how many I have, as some people do think men shouldn't have that many. I prefer to let my shoes do their own "talking" to people who take notice that I may have a variety of cool shoes I rotate through.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
No boundaries - it's all down to individual preference as desired or required.


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Dec 16, 2012
No rules, except to buy quality. There is a massive shortage of premium grade leathers and I predict a huge increase in prices in the next couple of years. My two boys have the same shoe size as me and my "collection" will be passed down to them. Lets not forget that quality lasts (excuse the pun) and never really goes out of fashion.


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Mar 5, 2013
A man can never have enough shoes, it's pretty much all we have that is interesting when it comes to men's fashion. Your shoes decide how well your outfit is presented and as far as quality over quantity is concerned you can't just go by price since not all expensive brands actually know how to construct or design a proper quality shoe. I use to collect/resell shoe/sneakers and at peak i had in my personal collection to wear 200+ sneaker/shoes and for resale never more than 300 pairs in stock(work with a group of guys). I long stopped collecting and the resale market has dried up now i'm down to 47 pairs of sneaker, 32 pairs of boots, 29 shoes from brands like Grenson, churchs, eastland, florsheim, Y-3, RL, Alfred Sargent, alden, edward green, mark mcnairy, riders, quoddy, bb black sheep and many more not in front of me right now. More than half my collection is deadstock 80% worn less than 4 times and my 10 pairs that are in the everyday rotation consist of clark desert boot, gorilla desert boot, ralph lauren hiking boot, Y-3 honja low, warrior slip on, asics trainers, grenson stanley, grenson fergus, mark mcnairy double monk straps, and my nike trainers. only downside to having so much is storage space and worrying negligent bastards here in nyc don't step on an ruin lovely patina on a pair not in the regular rotation.

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No rules, except to buy quality. There is a massive shortage of premium grade leathers and I predict a huge increase in prices in the next couple of years. My two boys have the same shoe size as me and my "collection" will be passed down to them. Lets not forget that quality lasts (excuse the pun) and never really goes out of fashion.
you are so correct; the last quality from new models even from grenson has hit an all time low i really hope things take an up turn if not i really don't know how i'm going to support my footwear disorder... wait i'll buy fragrances to heal the void.
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Dec 16, 2012
They are only going to bet more expensive. At least there in the States you have shell cordovan readily to hand, which for my personal taste, would nearly suffice. Redundancy has hit, and if truth be known, I'll never have a well paid job again. I'm not an old man but neither am I young and therefore in the world of commerce and finance I'm a Dinosaur. Harsh but true I'm afraid, however due to my addictive personality I can honestly say that over the years I have collected the "best" that my pocket would allow, and whats more, I'm still enjoying them today. As already mentioned, quality will last and shine through. My shoes aren't going anywhere, nor are my watches, nor my rather nice collection of Italian Studio Pottery. So there you are, I don't smoke drink or gamble, have never really gone without anything, but have saved to buy the special things which I still get pleasure from today. This new "illness" of fragrances is great. It's complex but at the same time simple (you smell, you like, you dislike) and not too expensive. I'm enjoying the new ride so far and especially this very friendly forum.

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