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Help needed to identify / suggest perfume based on description of notes/similarity


New member
Apr 3, 2019
I am looking to identify a male fragrance. I would describe it as somewhat spicy and powdery, not really fresh. It is quite distinct when someone wears it, and when the wearer uses to much of this it is quite strong and really ‘prickles’ the nose so to say. I can imagine that in that case people would hate it (and would personally not wear it as such).

Some similar smells in my opinion:

  1. Arko Platinum (shower gel/after shave: this comes close but is not a perfume.
  2. Valentino Born in Roma: seems to have the note in it, but the overall fragrance is too fresh in comparison.
  3. ZadigVoltaire This is Her: although a female fragrance, this also seem to have this note in it.
  4. ViktorRolf Spicebomb Extreme: too ‘warm’, but distantly has a similar vibe.
I suspect it is not a niche perfume because when I travel to a larger city a few people seem to wear it, yet it is also not very common.

Any suggestions on which fragrances that might be it to try in a store please let me know. It might be impossible based on this still I hope for some guidance!


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Nov 26, 2013
I would recommend you try
Prada Amber Intense
YSL l'nuit l'homme and its various flankers


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Apr 3, 2019
Thanks a lot! The YSL might be it, I have some tester now so I will try this on my skin these days. The Prada one is not easily available in the shops here but will try it.

Also to add: Montale Amber Musk also comes really really close. It is a hint to floral, but otherwise I think it matches.


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Basenotes Plus
Apr 1, 2019
Yes, my original guess was something along the lines of an oriental iris, so the Dior Homme range is a strong possibility. Perhaps one of the flankers rather than the original? Or maybe a Valentino or other similar derivation of the lipstick iris trend?

I find it quite hard to identify fragrances in the air, even when I know the scent well. It's likely that something that seems complex/appealing would be something more rudimentary were you to smell it up close. Likewise, depending on where you are, the most popular fragrances are vastly more likely to be what someone else is wearing than something niche like Montale.

Spicy and prickly suggests something with ambroxan tbh. Perhaps an oriental ambroxan?