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Help choose my next Amouage


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Feb 16, 2019
What does the man who has it all buy for himself? I've been sitting on some Christmas gift money for a few months now with the intention of buying some expensive and unique fragrance. My collection is big enough now that I've got most categories covered, so at this point I'm looking for something that is very high quality and has a unique blend of notes.

I've finally settled on Amouage as the ideal house to choose from. I already have two fragrances, Jubilation XXV and Interlude 53, so I know I'm a fan of the house DNA. Not really into the freshies at all - I tried Honour Man and it was fine but not the show-stopper style I'm looking for. I've come up with a short list of possible purchases, but there is a lot in Amouage world that I'm not too familiar with like attars or the opus series, so I could use some help narrowing things down here.

This is my list for now, curious to hear what other people think (check my wardrobe to get a sense of my tastes):

Epic Man
Journey Man
Lyric Man
Memoir Man
Myths Man


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Jun 10, 2012
Epic Man - Pink pepper and oud. Honestly not the most elegant. I think Creed's Royal Oud that you have is a nicer pink pepper & woods scent; for oud or incense you can look elsewhere. At times it has an uncanny note of Indian paan. Not the stuff itself, but imagine a post dinner talk with a bunch of people chewing paan at an Indian wedding - very similar to that fresh-spicy smell.

Journey Man - Terrific first 3-4 hours; good afterwards, but slightly synthetic in the base. First 2-3 hours is a great dry non-sweet tobacco with juniper. Similar to the tobacco accord in Tribute. If you can afford it (Tribute at retail, not fantasy prices), I'd suggest Tribute over Journey. But availability is probably an issue.

Lyric Man - Citric rose on a woody base. Quite a bit on the fresher side. Looking at your wardrobe I think you'd like L'Homme A La Rose more, which is often criticized for understandable reasons, but I've grown to like it. More elegant and uplifting than what I remember Lyric Man to be.

Memoir Man - I think this will be my pick. Incense (which you love), green wood, hint of smoke, but still smells great. Arguably refined than the others here. Slightly less sillage but just as long-lasting. I've had bottles in the past (non-magnetic and magnetic caps), and none of them had any synthetic note that I get in the dry down of Journey.

Myths Man - Strong ashy floral leather scent, quite esoteric. The dry down is lovely after many 8-9 hours. I just didn't think it smelled good in the first couple of hours when wearing it. I wasn't willing to go wear it out in anticipation of the far late dry down which is excellent. Having said that, my tastes have changed a bit (prefer Hermes / Chanel stuff more these days than Amouage).

I'd add Gold Man to the mix in case you are looking for a musk fragrance. A must-try - not shocking but a refined floral musk with a slight edginess. For fans of stuff like Kouros, Kiehl's Musk etc.

I really wish the dry down of Journey was smoother. That would have made it a really special scent. I'd say it's a close second next to Memoir from among the options.


New member
Feb 16, 2019
Thanks for the replies and detailed notes @freewheelingvagabond. Those are very helpful in narrowing down my choices. Planning on going to San Francisco to track these down in person but I want to have an idea of what to sample so I don't wear my nose out.

Memoir Man seems to be leading the pack for now, but all of these still sound good! May have to get decants of the runners-up if I can find a decent deal on a 100 ml bottle of the winner.


The Ultimate Smell
Basenotes Plus
Jan 2, 2011
Epic Man - I have this is and this is amazing. Very elegant.

Beach Hut Man - I am eyeing this one for the coming summer months.

Lyric Man - Last I checked was many years ago, not sure about the reformulation, but other than that Lyric and Jubilation are still super amazing!


New member
Feb 16, 2019
Memoir Man from the ones you’ve selected. Fate Woman to throw you off the track.

Appreciate the off the track suggestion! I do want to hear more opinions on the attars and less well-known lines, I'm open to anything.

Memoir Man does seem to be the most promising option for now, although I will also definitely be sampling Epic Man.


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Nov 5, 2010
All those you cite are good and have their strengths, and other people have described them well. Lyric man is fresher than the others (at least for Amouage), though perhaps the most unique (a rose nested among a modern masculine fresh woody perfume). Myths is perhaps the darkest, and your wardrobe seems to veer in that direction-but it's nowhere as dark and powerful as interlude. I also like Gold man, not in your set, but it's heavily floral so not for everybody.

I don't know what is still available as an attar in the west-if anything at all. In which case, I like Tribute, very dark, woody, leathery, oudy. In the for women line, Fate is an elegant spicy oriental, perfectly suitable for men as well.

Bangkok Hound

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Nov 4, 2015
Myths is the real stand out among these. It comes across as super weird yet classical at the the same time. I find it to be a cousin of Interlude.
Journey is a fantastic spicy-tobacco scent and my favorite of these five. It could easily be an everyday fragrance for a gentleman.
Memoir is one of my least favorites from my entire collection, but many people love it. There's a vegetal quality (wormwood?) that almost makes me sick.
Epic is a wonderful spicy-woody scent that's a bit more daring than Journey, but still easy to wear.
Lyric is loved by many and I'm surprised that so many men enjoy it. I love rose, but this one is difficult for me. I was shocked when I first tried it. There's a lot going on with it such as pine and incense, but the rose is unrelenting and powerful.


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Jun 28, 2009
Imo Epic Man is easier to wear than Memoir Man so there’s that. Would you consider any of their attars?


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Jun 16, 2018
+1 Epic

Memoir is one of my least favorites from my entire collection, but many people love it. There's a vegetal quality (wormwood?) that almost makes me sick.
I know what's bothering you.
Bitter, rooty-earthy-muddy-weedy, a bit astringent.
It's not sharp. It has a velvet quality (texture), so for me it's easy tolerable.
The mint also helps.
Of course, another reason why I can easily tolerate it is because what comes after it is worth it. So, for me it's a fair trade.

A moody incense. I love it.

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