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FULL LIST 210+ Aroma Chemicals For Sale (Essential Oil List to come)


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Mar 7, 2020
Here is the full list of the aroma chemicals I have to sell. I would prefer to sell as a lot.
If there is no interest in that I will start parting out smaller lots.
Make me an offer! I'd hate for these to go to waste!

Unless otherwise noted, chemicals are from Perfumer's Apprentices
Unless otherwise noted, bottles are 90%-100% full (The overwhelming majority)
Legend: CP = Creating Perfume - PSH = Perfumers Supply House - PW + Perfumer's World

I have some nice Bases too that are not on the list:
Black Agar, Limbwood, Oud Maleki, Oud Synth E, Armenian Wood, Sampaquita, Jasmine Specialty, Wardia, Rose Givco, Rosessence
I'm still considering selling or keeping this.

3-4 Dimethoxybenzaldehyde (CP 5 grams)
Acetophenone 4ml
Adoxal 4ml
Aldehyde C-6 4ml
C-8 4ml
C-10 4ml
C-11 4ml
C-12 MNA 4ml
C-14 4ml
C-18 Coconut (CP 15ml)
Aldehyde Supra 4ml
Alpha Pinene Natural 4ml
Allyl Amyl Glycolate - 15ml
Allyl Caproate 4ml
Alpha Terpinene 4ml
Amber Key Accord 4ml
Amber (CP 2ml)
Ambergris Fleuressence (PW 10ml)
Amber Xtreme 4ml
Ambrettolide 4ml
Ambroxan 10% (15ml 80% remaining)
Ambroxan 10% in DPG (PW 5ml 50% remaining)
Animalis Hypo 27 4ml
Animalid 4ml
Apo Patchon Coer (CP 15ml)
Auralva 4ml
Amisyl Alcohol 15ml
Anisic Aldehyde 4ml
Amly Salicylate 15ml
Bacdanol 15ml
Benzyl Alcohol 15ml
Benzyl Cinnamate (Quantity #2) 4ml
Benzyl Acetate 4ml
Benzyl Salicylate 15ml
Birch Leaf Givco 4ml
Beta Pinene Natural 4ml
Camphene Natural 4ml
Carophyllene 30ml (unknown brand)
Congac Key Accord 4ml
Biciclononalactone IFF - CP 2ml
Cashmeran 4ml
Canthoxal 4ml
Castoreum Blend IFF (CAS Mixture) 4ml
Castoreum Fleuressence (PW 5ml)
Carbinol Muguet 4ml
Cassis Givco 192/2 4ml
Cedramber 30ml
Cedroxyde 4ml
Cedryl Acetate 30ml
Cinnamanic Alcohol 4ml
Cinnamic Aldehyde 15ml
Cis-3-Hexenyl Salicylate Extra (CP 15ml)
Citral natural 15ml
Citronellol natural 15ml
Civet Essence 4ml
Calone 8grams
Camphor 8 grams
Carvone-L 4ml
Cetalox 8grams
Cinnamic Alcohol 4ml
Civettone 10% (PSH 5ml)
Clearwood 15ml
Coniferan (PW 10ml)
Coranol (CP 15ml)
Cinnamyl Acetate 4ml
Citronellyl Acetate 4ml
Costus Ollifac IFF 4ml
Coumarin 30grams 4ml
Cylcamen Aldehyde (CP 2ml)
Cyclogalbanate 4ml
Damascenone Total 4ml
Damascone Alpha 4ml
Damascone Delta 4ml
Damascone Beta 4ml
Dihidromyrcenol 30ml
Dimetol 4ml
Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinyl Butyrate (PA 4ml)
Dimethyl Benzyl Carbinyl Butyrate (CP 2ml)
Dry Grass Essence 4ml
Ebanol 4ml
Ethyl Butyrate (CP 15ml)
Ethyl Linalool 30ml
Ethyl Linalyl Acetate 15ml
Ethyl Maltol (CP 10grams, PSH 10 grams)
Ethyl Saffranate 4ml
Ethyl Vanillin 8grams
Ethylene Brassylate 15ml
Exaltone (unknown source, I think PSH, a couple grams)
Eugenol 15ml
Exaltolide Total 4ml
Ethyl Heptoate / Ethyl Heptanoate 4ml
Floropal 4ml
Floralozone 4ml
Florosa 4ml
Florhydral 4ml
Fixamber 4ml
Freskomenth 4ml
Fresh Accord (CP 2ml) 4ml
Galaxolide 15ml (80% remaining)
Gamma Octolactone (PA 4ml)
Gamma Octolactone (CP 15ml)
Geosmin 1% 15ml
Geraniol 30ml
Geranyl Acetate 4ml
Guaiacol 4ml
Habanolide (50% remaining) 4ml
Hedione 30ml
Hedione HC (80% remaining) 4ml
Heliotropex N 4ml
Heliotropin Replacer 20% in BB 4ml
Helional 4ml
Helvetolide (Quantity #2) 4ml
Hexenol 3 sis 4ml
Hexyl Salicylate 4ml
Hexyl Cinnamaldehyde / Hexyl Cinnamic Aldehyde 4ml
Honey Miel Ollifac (CP 2ml)
Hydroxy Citronellol Pure (High Laurine) 30ml
Indole (PW 5grams)
Indolene 10% in DPG (PW 30grams)
Isobornyl Acetate 15ml
Isobutavan 4ml
Ionone Alpha 4ml
Iris Key Accord 4ml
Isocyclocitral 4ml
Iso Eugenol 4ml
Iso E Super 30ml (35% remaining)
Liffarome (CP 15ml)
Kephalis 15ml (80% remaining)
Jasmatone 4ml
Jasmone cis 4ml
Koavone (PW 5ml)
Lilial 4ml
Linalool 30ml (unknown brand)
Linaly Acetate Natural 30ml
Linalyl Acetate (4ml 70% remaining)
Melonal 4ml
Maritima 4ml
Lyral 4ml
Matsutake Alcohol 1% 4ml
Mayol (CP 2ml)
Magnolan Symrise (PSH 5ml)
Manzanate (CP 15ml)
Menthone 4ml
Methyl Anthranilate 50% in BB 15ml
Methyl Diantilis 4ml
Methyl Hexyl ketone 4ml
Methyl Ionone Gamma Coer 15ml
Methyl Laitone 10% (CP 15ml)
Methyl Octine Carbonat (PW 5ml)
Methyl Pamplemousse 4ml
Muscenone (4ml 20% remaining)
Muscenone 15ml
Muscone 50% IPM 30ml
Musk Animal (CP 2ml)
Musk Black (CP 2ml)
Musk Clean (CP 2ml)
Musk Ketone 8grams
Musk White (CP2ml)
Musk Xylol (PW 10grams)
Myrcene 15ml
Neryl Acetate 4ml
Norlimbanol 4ml
Nerol 4ml
Nerolidol 4ml
Ocimene (PW 5ml - 60%full)
Okoumal 4ml
Oakmoss Givco 214 4ml
Oranger Crystals 8grams
Palo Santo Key Accord 4ml
Para Cresyl Acetate 4ml
Paradisamide (CP 15ml)
Pentalide (Macrolide Supra) 15ml
Pharaone 10% 4ml
Phenyl Acetaldehyde 50% 4ml
Phenyl Acetaldehyde Dimethyl Acetal (Viridine) 15ml
Phenyl Alcohol 15ml
Phenyl Acetate 15ml
Pino Acetaldehyde IFF 4ml
Plumeria Flower Popwer PK (PSH 5ml)
Poivrol Polysantol 4ml
Pyralone 4ml
Precyclemone B 4ml
Raspberry Ketone 8grams 4ml
Rose Oxide 4ml
Rhubofix 4ml
Romandolide Firm 4ml
Russian Leather Key Accord 4ml
Safranal Givaudan (CP 2ml)
Sandalore (35% remaining) 4ml
Sandalwood Givco 203 15ml
Safraleine 4ml
Sclareolate (Cp 15ml)
Seaweed Key Accord 4ml
Shangralide Oliffac 4ml
Silvial (CP 15ml)
Smoke Key Accord (Quantity #2) 4ml
Suederal LT 4ml
Suederal LT 30ml
Stemone (PW 5ml)
Styrallyl Acetate 4ml
Syringol Crystals 8 grams
Teak Firmenich 4ml
Terrasol 4ml
Tetramethyl Pyrazine 10% 4ml
Thymol 8grams
Tobacco Key Accord 4ml
Tonalide 8grams
Timbersilk 15 ml
Tobacarol 4ml
Terpineol Alpha Natural 4ml
Tobacco Fleuressence (PW 5ml)
Toscanol 4ml
Tonquitone 4ml
Trisamber 4ml
Triplal 4ml
True Rose Accord (CP 2ml)
Ultrazur (Quantity #2) 4ml
Undecavertrol 4ml
Vernaldehyde 4ml
Valspice 4ml
Vanillin Crystals 8grams (Quantity #2)
Veramos 8grams
Vertenex 4ml
Vertofix 15 ml (80% remaining)
Verdox 4ml
Violettyne 4ml
Vetiveryl Acetate (45% remaining) 4ml
Viridine 4ml
White musk key accord 15ml
Wood Smoke Fleuressence (PW 5ml)
Jun 27, 2022
Did you ever get any movement on this? While I'm far from interested in the full lot, there are several here that would be rather beneficial to me, should you at any point decide that you are in fact willing to part out.

Would be very interested in seeing a list of naturals, as well.


New member
Oct 21, 2022
Hi jonathanb, I’m curious if you still have these items available and how much you’re selling the lot for.

I don’t think I can probably afford everything, as I’m having to build my collection slowly due to budget, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to inquire.

If I can’t afford the lot, hopefully we can make some arrangements for individual items, if you’re willing.

I’m sorry to see you’re moving on from your hobby, but very grateful that you’re willing to pass material on to others in the community.

Hopefully we can be of some assistance to one another.
Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.

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