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For the most Generous Generous Perfume Lover, Thank You!


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Feb 16, 2010
Dear Tania A,

I just got your package today and without doubt I am both honored and touched by your generosity.

There are so many things in here I've only heard about and read in books, so many things I've sampled once in a store for the lines to be discontinued and thought about much afterwards.

I'm truly amazed and please know it means very much.

I will be spending a long time trying all of them. I love expanding my taste with both niche and designer fragrances.

Here are my thoughts:

L’Orientaliste, Gardenia: I saw this at Liberty and was going to buy their Musk which they had reduced by 75% last Christmas, but I just missed out. They also had Juliette Has a Gun Calamity Jane at 75% off too which I regret!!!

Czech and Speake Samples: I love this range, its quite comforting. Especially Dark Rose, I know the Oud is probably a synth, but its very unusual for me. Its great to have some at home.

Etat Libre, Rossy: I don’t actually have any Etat’s at all. I tried Rien once though when my nose was very tired. I cant wait to try Fat Electrician. I have been thinking about their massive sample pack with the hole line, but the packaging is a little weird, I cant stand those plastic wrappers.

Divine: This one will be interesting. I have L’Homme Sage, which I thought I would really really love, but it hasn’t got to me yet.

Ineke, Derring Do: Another line I’ve always wanted to explore.

Caron, Yatagan: I LOVE this stuff. I wouldent wear it at work, but maybe a little from time to time when its cold. Perfect for winter. a very abstract winter day. Its like when coffee experts get that very expensive coffee that has been through the digestive systems and excreted by musk rats. That sort of weird beauty!!!

Montale, Fougeries Marine: I have been dreaming and dreaming of Montale for ages… I tried getting samples direct from them without any luck. Ah well…

Escentric Molecules Esscentric and Molecule 1: I wrote to them and got a long email from the founder! I was in North London charity shop and they were selling a full bottle of Sccentric 2 for £5! Its so difficult to find perfume in charity shops which I go a lot too. It was addictive but very much like a science experiment. however I tried one’s in liberty and appreciated their floral qualities much more. Perfect for interviews.

Givenchy: Organza Indecence, I love this. I tried the whole line of the Mythiques range at harrods and thought this the best of them all. Its so weird, especially that strange almond lipstick nail polish remover accord. FANTASTIC

Guerlain, Aroma Allegoria: I love the idea of this. I enjoyed JP Guerlains talk at Harrods and the thought of him going down the naturals route is interesting, as is wormwood. I ;oved the opening of Memoir Man Amouage and have been smelling a lot Serge Lutens Douce Amere.

Penhaglions, Amarinthine: I eat Amaranth for breakfast and noticed at the Savoy you can get amaranth flowering tea. I like the base of this one very much, very, nutty caramel cashmere.

CREED: Creed can be very stingy for me at least, I’ve visited all their London concessions, written many times to their suppliers and distributors and have nothing! Love Tuberose, so Indiana is much appreciated, as is fleurs de Bulgarie.

Gorilla Perfumes: Thanks so much for exhale, I dreamt about breath of god for the last 6 months and missed the extravaganza in London when they re-openened. I don’t think they sell exhale online or in the stores so its wonderful you have this!

Robert Piguet: LOVE IT, Loved Fracas Parfum, Bandit is also good.

Ormande Jayne, I’ve always wanted Ormonde man, so this is fantastic. Linda is also very charismatic and I love their stores. I found their presentation a bit weird though. I don’t really like people offering up glass stoppers up to my nose, it feels too intimate!

Pure White Linen: Love Estee lauder but they never have samples of the old ones like this. Wonderful.

Somona Scent: These will be the first I’ll try once my nose clears up. I have a whole list of American niches and vintages I have to get from perfumed court so this really helps. Magie Noire Vintage! Eau Sauvage Vintage etc.

Brosseau, Ombre Rose: I’ve wanted some of this at home for a long time. Rose scents I have to really concentrate and smell away from perfume halls. Some perfumes you really need an empty room to help to open up the scent.

???: There is also one called Night Blossom. Is this the Profumo IT???!!! Wow wow wow. I hope to buy natural ambergris from this site one day. Feel really privileged.


For the ones I sent you:

Lubin is quite interesting. When Harrods did the perfume exhibition, the exec of lubin came in for a talk and although I think some of the packaging for this house is terrible, some of the scents are quite good. In particular the original Le Vetiver, there is something in it that reminds me of my old piano teachers house on the top of Harrow on the Hill.

Also the Manderin Lutens is interesting too. When i first got it, i thought it was a Caron, in that its not particularly strong. (I love borneo, and Chene and his really really strong ones) Its very smoky and veiled, very sophisticated and womanly. I was waiting in the lobby of the Savoy yesterday and it felt a little like that!

Glass Vials: the ones you have are from:


I like these cause there nice and thin, very discreet, but the caps they have are a little dodgy and sometimes hard to put back on.

I ordered some from a second company and got some this morning from:


These are much thicker and less tall, but the caps are all consistent and more sturdy + The hole for the vial is much larger meaning its much easier to spray directly into it.

If the perfume bottle I am decanting from dosent have a spray I'll use Pipettes. I got these a long time from an essential oils store. I now have £110 worth of essential oils but dont really know what to do with them!!! But Im sure you can get something nice on ebay.

Everyone on basenotes RAVES about: http://www.accessoriesforfragrances.com/
However they are in america, so shipping. I need to start decanting some of my vials or conglomeration of the same samples into one bottle so i can spray which i generally prefer.

I love the fact you've packaged all the vials with Morrisons bags. I love morrisons and shop their most days for lunch!

Once again, many many thanks and Ill let you know how I get on with these.

All best,


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