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Duplicate Directory Listings


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Oct 27, 2016
I've seen this three or four times now most recently today. Was going to log sample wear of Valentino Uomo Acqua but there seem to be two directory entries that are the same except for the reviews.

Was thinking maybe edt vs edp but can't find that on the page. The gender, year, and pyramid is the same on both both but the reviews are different. Ami I missing something obvious????

I don't recall the others but I know one I had sampled in the last week so can go back through those if another example will help. In that one, the year and gender matched but the pyramid was different in the two listings.....
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Jul 23, 2013
There is a triple entry for Ensar Oud Santal Sultan parfum. And all three lack a photo.
Attached photo is from the EO website Santal-Sultan-Ensar-Oud3DPerfume-Qaboos.jpg