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Cyperus Papyrus


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Oct 26, 2021
Hello again. How are going your day? Hope well.
Speak about Papyrus (Cyperus Papyrus), also known like Egyptian Papyrus, famous for his ancient uses when Egyptian people used it for create a sort of paper for write in. Same family of most known Cypriol Nagarmotha (Cyperus scariosus). Anyway aromatic profile seems to be different, salt, soy, mushrooms, rye bread, leather, and rubber, with a drydown of an aged paper.
Seems interesting.
Somoene tried Papyrus? funny/useful?
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Alex F.

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Nov 29, 2019
I don't have any experience with Cyperus papyrus, but the description sounds interesting. The use of the fragrant rhizomes/tubers of Cyperus plants has a long tradition. They were used as incense by themselves and were part of some recipes for kyphi.
I have some dried tubers of a close relative, Cyperus rotundus (nut grass). I haven't got round to tincturing them yet, but the smell is promising - calming, dry, lightly camphoracious, and if pushed, I'd say, yes, maybe dark bread, mushrooms and paper, too, - but the analyses of the constituents of C. papyrus and C. rotundus suggest that they smell differently.

I couldn't find anything about the constituents of C. papyrus absolute on TGSC or the Hermitage Oils website.
But according to an egyptian publication, the main constituents of the essential oil obtained from the tubers by hydrodistillation are myrtenol (c. 50%), copaene (c. 9%), cyperene (c. 4%), rotundene (c. 4%) and beta-caryophyllene (c. 3%), see Hassanein et al, Chemical Diversity of Essential Oils from Cyperus articulatus, Cyperus esculentus and Cyperus papyrus, 2014, https://www.researchgate.net/public...ulatus_Cyperus_esculentus_and_Cyperus_papyrus


Basenotes Plus
Basenotes Plus
Dec 5, 2007
Long ago, I wanted to buy Papyrus, and Hermitage was the only sopurce, but then, he was charging VAT to EVERY Customer, no matter if in EU, UK, or not so I balked, and never went back, so I have been using much more accessible Scariosus and Rotundus ever since.

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