Thin Wild Mercury

About Thin Wild Mercury

'Our fragrances are made in the famed city's Los Feliz Village neighborhood. Cathleen Cardinali is a veteran luxury retailer turned perfumer via LA's Institute for Art and Olfaction and an insatiable drive to tastefully create something that did not yet exist but had the feeling of a classic. Anthony Polcino is a lifelong musician turned designer via many multi-faceted years in the "east-side" scene and the relentless need to see to it that ideas become realities. Together they realized Thin Wild Mercury through a very simple, traditional ethos of the masters: do it yourself. TWM's fragrances are more like nuanced stories redolent of particular places and times of the past eloquently told by musings from the present. The result is something like a state of mind for the senses – for anywhere, anytime.'


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