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Revlon was founded in 1932 by Charles Revson (b.1906) and older brother, Joseph along with chemist, Charles Lachman. Supposedly the company was originally to be Revlac, but decided on Revlon.

Charles got his start in cosmetics distributing in New York for a firm named Elka. Unlike other nail polishes on the market Elka's was opaque. Brother, Joseph joined Charles and before long Revlon asked Elka to allow him to distribute all over the country. Elka said no, and Revlon was born. Initially just selling nail polish. By 1937, Revlon products could be found in department stores and drugstores all over the US.

In 1940 Revlon introduced its first lipstick and began to add further products - the first fragrance was named Aquamarine and was launched in 1946.


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