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Founded in Paris in 1828 by Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, the House of Guerlain is synonymous with traditional French perfumery. Owned and managed by members of the Guerlain family from its inception to 1994, the House is responsible for many classic fragrances - including Jicky, which is widely acknowledged as being the first modern fragrance, and arguably the best-loved perfume of all time, Shalimar.

Guerlain fragrances are characterised by a secret blend of ingredients known as the "Guerlinade". Since being sold to LVMH, a number of outside perfumers have worked for Guerlain and, as of 2008, Thierry Wasser has been the in-house perfumer, creating a number of new fragrances - most recently the new, pink, Shalimar Parfum Initial


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