Winners: Basenotes Reader Awards 2012

Basenotes hijacked Olfactory Event's Evening of Leather to announce the winners of the Basenotes Reader Awards 2012 in a pop-up awards ceremony. The winners were voted for by the Basenotes readers, who paid tribute to Mona di Orio by voting her "Perfumer of the Year", and "House of the year". Attendees had the chance to sniff the winners, and runners up. The winners are as follows:


Winners of the 2012 Basenotes Reader Awards.

Best New Fragrance for Women




  • Bottega Veneta [Coty]




Best New Fragrance for Men





  • Royal Oud : Creed




Best Fragrance Flanker 2011





  • A*Men Pure Havane : Thierry Mugler [Groupe Clarins]



Best Fragrance Packaging 2011




  • Freak : Illamasqua



Best New Celebrity Fragrance





  • Jennifer Aniston




Best Marketing Campaign 2011




  • Print advertisement for Violet Blonde : Tom Ford [Lauder]




Best Perfumery





  • Les Senteurs [London]




Best Online Perfumery




  • Luckyscent




Perfumer of the Year 2011





  • Mono di Orio




House of the year 2011





  • Mona di Orio




Classic (Women's)





  • Opium : Yves Saint Laurent




Classic (Men's)




  • Terre d'Hermes : Hermes



You can see a full list of the finalists here.
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