UK high street fragrance line 'Escentuals' encourages olfactory creativity

Escentuals is a new UK fragrance brand aimed at the mass-market. It consists of six fragrances, which can be combined with each other to create new scents.

The range, which was launched originally during the pandemic, say that the "six notes compose a collection of beautiful fragrances for every mood and personality. In this range you get multiple choices for day or night, that you can wear either on warm or cold weather."

The fragrances are:

Lychee - Bursting with fresh fruit notes, lychee is laced with raspberries and peach followed by crisp bergamot and soft watery accords. All encompassed with floral notes of fruit and freesia, leading to a saccharine-sweet base comprising of warming musk and vanilla.

Candy -A candy inspired fragrance opens with raspberry and peach notes and a hint of candied apple. The heart of the scent has notes of lily of the valley and a hint of robust sandalwood before melting into a base of chocolate and vanilla.

Peony - Soft and delicate, this peony scent opens with light and refreshing citrus notes, then bursts full of freesia, jasmine and cherry blossom and is abundant with its namesake, peony at its heart. Subtle fruity notes of cherry and apricot add to the bouquet while a musky base is balanced with warming amber and woody notes.

Vanilla - As its namesake, this creamy vanilla scent is sprinkled with hints of fruity peach and juicy plum, while rose adds a full and powdery finish - creating the ultimate feminine fragrance.

White Musk - A true nostalgic scent, sensuous and soothing with a fruity top of mandarin and peach. The heart emanates with uplifting notes of lily of the valley and jasmine before drawing you in with a woody, vanilla musk base.

Green Tea- A bright and reviving everyday fragrance bursting with clean, fresh notes of freesia and fruity mandarin complimented with a heart of warming cardamon and the soft additions of cedar and musk.


The company give examples of possible combinations of scents:

To Make:MixWith
"Fruit Candy"1 part Lychee2 parts Candy
"Candy Shake"3 parts Candy2 parts Vanilla
"Sugared Petals"1 part Candy1 part Peony
"Fruit Tea"3 parts Lychee1 part Green Tea
"Fresh Musk"3 parts White Musk1 part Green Tea
"Fresh Flower"2 parts Lychee3 parts Peony

The Escentuals line is available now as Eau de Parfum (100ml) and Body Mist (125ml*,250ml) from Boots and Amazon.

*125ml Body Mist only available in Boots
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With so many readily available blended scents around I can't be bothered layering multiple scents. Plus I sell Clinique and this is identical to what Clinique has been doing with the Happy line for quite a while (Happy Cookies and Cream etc.) Even the packaging (rainbow colored spray bottles) is the same. *Yawns

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