Frederic Malle has introduced two new candles to his home fragrance line, Mahogany (created by Fanny Bal, who also made Salle Gosse) and Country Home (created by Nicolas Beaulieu) .



The scent of an « orangette », a french delicacy of candied orange covered in dark chocolate, evokes both the wild depths of the Amazonian rainforest and the chicest Parisian interiors. From the raw and spicy dark notes of cocoa beans, warmed by candied orange and vanilla, pours an exotic bittersweetness to awaken the senses.

Country Home​

Family and friends gather round the fireplace after a long country walk, removing their coats and holding their palms up to the flames. The children throw themselves onto the warm carpet, rolling around excitedly, while the voices above their heads, under the spell of burning wood, breathe sighs of happy relief.

Both candles are available now.