TikTok star, Addison Rae collaborates with Hampton Beauty for alcohol-free fragrance collection.


Hampton Beauty have teamed up with Addison Rae to create a range of alcohol-free fragrances. Rae has over 100 million followers across social media, and was named the top-earning creator on TikTok by Forbes Magazine.

“We are thrilled that our partnership with Addison resulted in a trio of scents that push the boundaries of what's possible while capturing her joyous exuberance and focus on clean beauty. The first-to-market combination of innovation and playfulness within the formula and packaging perfectly captures Addison's positive energy,” says Lori Mariano, Managing Partner at Hampton Beauty.

As well as being available to buy on the Addison Rae Fragrance website, fans will also be able to purchase the fragrances (at $40 each) via TikTok and instagram, where the target market are likely to spend their time online.

“Our shared vision to develop a collection that speaks to a generation of consumers that want the products they purchase to look good and make you feel even better was a focus and having the collection available to shop on TikTok was always a top priority given Addison's engaged community.”

Being alcohol-free and water-based, means the scents can double-up as hair fragrances, and the fragrances are housed in heat-sensitive, colour-changing packaging.


The trio of fragrances is the AF Collection are:


"For times when you need a little pick-me-up, HAPPY AF is the scent for all-day positive vibes. Perfect for any plans—this floral and fruity blend of pink lychee, red grapefruit, and dewy peony hits different when paired with a smile."


"Think bright, zesty citrus meets clean white woods; HYPED AF is the energy you want to radiate, bottled. Maybe you missed a few hours' sleep? Or have a deadline approaching? This magic blend of blood orange, pineapple flower, and musk prepares you to take on whatever life throws at you."


"A moment of zen; CHILL AF is the scent to wear on a date but also to meet the parents. This dreamy blend of pear blossom, chamomile tea, and soothing sandalwood helps forget where the stress came in the first place. Cool, calm, collected. "

All are available now, at $40 each.
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