Thierry Mugler invites us to try 'The Taste of Fragrance'

A new range of limited edition Thierry Mugler fragrances entitled Le Goût du Parfums (The Taste of Fragrance) will be available this autumn. The range features Angel, Amen, Alien and Womanity each with a new food inspired twist.

Pierre Aulas, Mugler’s olfactory artistic director says that they have added a different “Taste Enhancer” to each of the four original fragrances - in the same way that a chef would add salt or spice to enhance a meal. Mugler perfumers worked with leading Michelin Star chef, Hélène Darroze to create the new olfactory recipes.

Aulus adds “Traditionally the perfume concentrate contains all the fragrance components and is aged in steel vats for a given time to ensure that it is thoroughly blended. For our project, the concentrate and “taste enhancer” were placed in separate vats to age for a few weeks. That way, each concentrate was preserved and assembled only at the solution phase, when alcohol is added to dilute the concentrate in the desired proportion. The complete solution, combining both fragrance and enhancer, then macerates to obtain the final juice”.

Angel has been ‘magnified’ with bitter cocoa powder; Amen, with hot chili pepper paste, Alien with salted butter caramel and Womanity with fig chutney.


Aulas described the adding of bitter cocoa powder to Angel as being similar to when a chocolatier rolls a truffle in cocoa powder at the end. “Blended into the original formula, bitter cocoa ... exalts Angel’s gourmand notes, making them intensely voluptuous.”


Aulas tells us that the chili addition to A*Men was actually inspired by a certain trademarked chili sauce in a red and green bottle - the chili “awakens the power of the roasted coffee [in the original Amen] and brings out spicy notes to inflame the wood.


The salted butter caramel addition to Alien was inspired, says Aulus, by the adding salt and honey to the juices from cooking meat in a pan. “turning Alien’s amber tones into deliciously Velvety notes


Womanity has the addition of Fig Chutney to compliment the original fresh fig, and “heightening the savory note of the caviar with a bouquet of spices”

All are available this Autumn.
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