Suppliers of bottles, flasks and related items for perfumery

Specialty Bottle -- sells vials, boston rounds, euro-dropper bottles, and jars in glass and PET plastic, as well as a selection of aluminum tins and some miscellany like lip gloss tubes and suchnot. I've been really happy with them. No minimums, good prices even on small quantities, reasonable shipping costs, friendly customer service, fast order processing. They're located in the Pacific Northwest, so a good place for West Coast USians to get containers.

Sunburst Bottle Company -- Similar stock and pricing to Specialty Bottle, with a wider selection of goods. No minimums. I've only ordered from them once, but they seemed great. I had no problems with my order, and I seem to remember that it arrived quickly. They're also on the US west coast, in Sacramento, California.

Taj Perfumes -- limited but carefully-considered selection, more oriented to perfumery than the other two I've mentioned. They have some sample vials, roll-ons and atomizers, as well as the usual dropper top boston rounds, vials, etc. Fantastic prices, especially on quantity, and they do a nice job of stuffing your order into the smaller US postal service boxes to save you money on shipping. They're in Baltimore, MD, so a good choice for East Coasters.

For bottles and vials is good but you have to buy a tray I think.


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