Stetson celebrate 40 years of their original fragrance with new release: Stetson Spirit.

Stetson, the company famous for their 10 Gallon hats, have launched a new men's fragrance - Stetson Spirit. The new fragrances comes 40 years after their first cologne launched in 1981.

Last year, Edge Beauty snapped up the fragrance license for Stetson from previous holder, Coty. "It was an honor to collaborate to launch Stetson Spirit. It's not often that we see a bold, updated idea of a brand that is iconic and embodies the spirit of Americana. With the Spirit, we embrace a new generation of adventure that speaks to the lasting legacy of the brand," said Steve Mormoris, CEO of Edge Beauty.

The fragrance was created by perfumers at Firmenich, and contains notes of notes of bergamot, mandarin leaf, rhubarb and elemi.

Stetson Spirit is available from Edge Beauty's online retailer, Scent Beauty.
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I can’t believe that Coty dropped the license for Stetson. It looks like Coty is stopping a lot of their drugstore brands.

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