Scent Verse is a poetry project curated by Basenotes writer Eddie Bulliqi that seeks to explore scent language and metaphors by publishing poems from contributors across different industries that either take scent as their inspiration or are very evocative of smell. 

If you are interested in being involved, please send a direct message here on Basenotes.




Muse Booze​

by Deniz Ataman ​

I'm a sweet smile on Sunday morning. 
My strut reminds you of thick, woody cigar smoke
That lounges in your mouth
As I walk on by.

I'm a sweet smile on Sunday afternoon,
Makes you want to crack open that soda pop—
Cherry and tart—and take you back to busted hydrants
And days of steamed-Brooklyn-summer-asphalt.

I'm a sweet smile on Sunday evening. 
My lips: spun sugar in your mama's pound cake.
You taste your playground follies and salty wounds; 
They linger in your mouth.

The scents of honeysuckle and the East River
Feed your nostrils.
And as I walk on by,
You wonder, “What is that taste?”